How much moisturizer do you use? {Skincare}

Did you know that you only need a pea size moisturizer for your face ??? I'm in the league of people who always end up with more than enough product, anyway, how much I can try. So I decided to educate you all on this very important question, as it saves our money and our skin as well. Surplus on the product is really not good for the skin because it sits on the skin and stops clogging the pores.

Just a pea fall !!

I have loved the pump packaging more than anyone else because they deliver the right amount of pea size we need to cover the face and another for the neck. I always take a pump and rub my hands and just push it on my face, start with the cheeks and go over the whole face, including the forehead, nose, chin and skin between the lips and noses and of course the eye area.

Rub the palms melt the moisturizer a little and make it more running and press the palms gently on the face, allowing moisture cream to quickly absorb the skin without leaving any palms left. Try this today and you will love this method. The best part of this is that you do not have to move the skin on the face and the underwear area and of course it understands unwanted wrinkles !!

I always start with the area and then go to the forehead, chop and then the nose and finally the skin around my eyes. I saw this method on Paris blog and have followed it for quite some time and I love it. This method is excellent for even the moisturizers that come in the bowl, but generally we stop shoveling more than needed.