How to be amazing as a new daddy

Paternity is amazing – and it's incredibly tough. You may have romantic ideas about how big your relationship with your child will be when they grow and develop. Or you may have nightmares to put on it somehow. And sometimes you probably both. But you do not have to wrap it. Fortunately, this is a way that many have gone before you.

Although paternity does not come with an instruction manual, we hope that these tips will be the next best thing. So take a deep breath, stretch up and get ready for eight wonderful ways that you can be amazing like a new dad.

1. Available

Nobody wants "Cats in the cradle" to be their parent song, so do not let it happen! Decide right now to make time for your child. Put your family's needs first from the start, making accessibility your first awesome dad habit.

If you wait until later, work on time or take vacation days to take care of your illness, it will be a much bigger match for your supervisors and colleagues. Let them know from day one that your child is your top priority, and they will respect that call as time progresses. Plus, you will never regret missing you from the piano concept or parent teacher conference.

2. Be flexible

The first thing to do with all your preconceived ideas of being a dad gives them up. Parenting can not be done by the book. Every child and every dad is different. This means that every milestone, growth spurt and catch match will be unique. Just because there was a way for you and your dad does not mean that it will be the same for you.

Give up your expectations and embrace all opportunities in this new relationship. This makes it possible for you to be the best dad you can be (and it makes room for your child to be exactly who they should be.)

3. Be an example

Help your child to be best by showing them your best. Treat them as you would be treated when you were younger and treat them as you want them to treat others.

It's okay to share your wisdom through fast chats, but nothing makes a greater impression than seeing these words in action. Make a commitment to teach by example, and you and your little ones will be better for it.

4. Be playful

It's easy to get overwhelmed by the paternity's heavy responsibility, but do not let all serious things paralyze you. Amazing dads are funny dads. It's okay to play, have fun and laugh. Allow yourself to roll up your sleeves, go down to the floor and have a blast with your child.

Best of all, playing with your child does not have to be planned. Some of the best bindings are spontaneous. So keep an eye on opportunities to be stupid or make a funny face; The playful times help you see you when stress levels begin to rise.

5. Be affectionate

Do not be shy from showing your baby just how much you love them. Be affectionate in both words and actions. Parental-child relationships are one of the special places where expressing how we feel is not made with concern for rejection. Enjoy this privilege of paternity through hugs, kisses, cats on the back and lots of "I love you".

When your child grows, find fun ways to show them that they are important. A note in your child's lunch or a "way to go" text is sure to put a smile on your face and bounce in its step.

6. Be consistent

Whether it makes it home for dinner or by following a promise, texture is a hallmark of amazing dads. It's not the funniest part of paternity, but this habit can save you years of worry and frustration when your child grows.

When your child knows that they can trust you to do what you say they learn that the world is a safe place. It gives them the freedom to try new things and even push the boundaries. In this way, you learn about trust and also model how credible you are.

7. Be a partner

There is no such thing as "mom tasks" or "dad tasks." You and your mother's mother are partners, so act from the beginning.

If you are not sure how to set up, continue and ask what you can do. Take the role of dad full throttle and you will wow everyone with how amazing you are, not just like dad but as a real partner in your relationship and family.

8. Be forgiving

If you skip all other recommendations on this list, do not skip this one. Nothing else in life comes with a bigger (or more immediate) side of debt than parenting. You will have many chances to hit you and wish you did something different. But do not fall down the rabbit hole!

Be willing and ready to forgive yourself. This gives you a new fatherhood every day. Going forward without wearing guilt and regret will really make you a great daddy.