How to care after eye surgery?

How to care after eye surgery?

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A lot of friends who love beauty will choose to do double eyelid surgery in order to light up the “window of the soul.” But don’t think that everything will be done after the surgery is finished. Postoperative care is also important! Now we will share the cheats for postoperative eyelids and escort you for your beauty.

First, apply the benefits More

How to care after eye surgery ?

A cold pack of ice packs can be used in the early 72 hours, especially after 3 hours of operation, which can effectively prevent postoperative edema and relieve pain. Local hot compress was started on the 3rd postoperative day or after the suture removal. The hot compress was used to promote blood circulation and remove scars. Whether it is cold or hot, do not let the water wet the wound, be sure to keep it clean and dry, if the wound is infected, you must go to the hospital in time to check it.

Second, high sleep sleep

How to care after eye surgery?

It is best to sleep pillows at night or to put two or three pillows together. Keep your head high and low.

Three, about drugs

How to care after eye surgery?

Don’t rush to take painkillers because aspirin lowers blood clotting Increase wound bleeding. Do you need to take anti-inflammatory drugs, painkillers? Depending on the individual circumstances, the doctor will give different opinions.

Four closing VS blinking movement

How to care after eye surgery?

After eye plastic surgery, you should do more blinking and closing your eyes. You can watch TV or do other things, or you can work as usual. In short, you should pay attention to strengthening the movement of eye muscles.

Five, what can I eat? What can’t I eat!

If you want to be fast, your diet should be light, and it should be banned from spicy food. Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, supplement vitamins, and help repair wounds. Eat more high-quality high-protein foods, such as beef, chicken, fish, etc., to provide the body with the energy to repair.

“The eyes are the window of the soul. Everyone is very important. Having a pair of expressive, agile, natural eyes is the dream of many girls. Now with The emergence of double eyelid surgery, this dream has finally been realized. Cutting double eyelids is a very popular plastic surgery project, including embedding double eyelids, incision double eyelids, etc. However, after cutting double eyelid surgery is good The effect is inseparable from the post-operative care, so the beauty-minded person who cuts the double eyelids should also do the related nursing work after the operation.”

How to care after eye surgery?

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