How to choose a conditioner

Since the hair grows out, it is constantly exposed to the wind and rain, and the ultraviolet rays are damaged. The scales are curled up, the hair is rough and even knotted. The hair itself has almost no self-healing ability and can only rely on external force, that is, relying on conditioner containing effective protein for repair. It smoothes the raised scales and creates a protective film on the hair that makes the hair very smooth.

The choice of hair conditioner type depends on the nature of the hair. For dry hair, choose an acidic hair care product, and choose a normal conditioner for neutral and oily hair.

Dry hair: Because the hairline scales in the hair structure are damaged, the hair is short of oil, lack of water, and even fragile and split, so when choosing a conditioner Pay attention to whether it has a moisturizing effect.

Oil-like hair: The hair mixed with sweat is very greasy and sticky is unbearable. Use oily and refreshing hair conditioner to keep oily hair dry and comfortable for a period of time.

Fatty hair: The nutrients are the best choice because of the lack of nutrition, loss of elasticity, and fragility.

Depending on the time left on the hair, the conditioner can be divided into four types: retention hair conditioner, conditioner hair conditioner, instant hair conditioner, and deep hair conditioner. :

Retention Hair Conditioner is used to prevent dryness and damage to the hair. Drying the hair with a towel and applying the product to the hair can increase the luster of the hair and make the hair easier to organize.

Rough conditioner is suitable for dry and damaged hair. This product is very similar to the capsule-like essence used in our daily skin care. It can be used on the washed hair to restore the neutral pH of the hair, increase the luster of the hair, and make the hair easy to organize.

Instant Conditioner is suitable for lightly damaged hair and is also suitable for use after each shampoo. Use immediately after shampooing, rinse off with water after about 1 minute. This product only makes the hair easy to comb and the repair function is not great.

Deep-type conditioners are suitable for chemically damaged hair, such as perm and hair. Creamy, leave it on your hair for about 10 to 30 minutes, and apply it with a warm towel or a hair dryer. It is recommended to use once a week.

When choosing a conditioner, pay attention to the following aspects:

Good foaming and easy to rinse.

The hair feels smooth after washing.

Does not cause irritations to the scalp and eyes .

Even if you use it often, your fingers won’t feel rough.