How to choose a dust collector bag?

How to choose a duster bag?

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How to choose a duster bag? The dust collector bag is estimated to be unfamiliar to people who have seen it. Brothers who have not used it will feel unfamiliar. In any case, they may encounter it in the future. How to choose? How the raw materials are very good, more useful and more powerful.

How to choose a duster bag?

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1, the first thing to understand is that the temperature of the smoke to be treated is high temperature. Still low temperature.

2, then it is to understand how much dust content, how much the specific gravity, the particle size, whether it is sticky, the moisture content of the smoke and other parameters.

3. Secondly, after understanding the dust cleaning methods of these resolutions, the post-treatment method of the filter bag filter material and the filtering wind speed. Under normal circumstances, the amount of dust is large, and the dusty contrast is sticky and light. The pulse bag type dust collector is used. The filter wind speed is mostly controlled above 1.2m/min, and the small amount of working condition is below 1m/min. Others, depending on the situation, can use high pressure blowback dust collectors and cyclones.

4, and then the post-treatment method of the filter material generally has a microporous film, water and oil repellent, antistatic (to participate in conductive yarn when weaving) easy to clear and so on.

5. It is also very important to understand the amount of flue gas required for treatment: the air volume of the precipitator is generally the working air volume plus the system air leakage coefficient (10%~15%).

6. Finally, you must know the treatment air volume and filter wind speed of the dust collector to get the total filtration area by formula:


S: total filtration area

Q: system processing air volume

V: filtering wind speed

(Source: Beijing Shengshi Xinke)

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