How to dress according to your body type and look amazing – complete guide

Fashion is not for a particular body type or size. It is for all of us. But sometimes we tend to shy away from trends that think they may not be for us. When you dress according to your body type, you not only accentuate your body but give you the increased confidence as well.

dress according to your body type
Love yourself, die with confidence and have what you want!
Source – Marilyn Mckenna

One of the most important things is to identify your body shape. See the diagram below. Once you know what your body type is, you can choose fabrics and cut!

how to dress according to your body type
Find out your body shape and dress up afterwards!
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Find out how to dress according to your body type.

Apple Body Type


  • Heavier upper body compared to the lower body
  • Wide shoulders, larger bustline
  • Not a well-defined waist

Celebs with Apple-shaped body – Sonakshi Sinha, Elizabeth Hurley, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Angeline Jolie

best clothes for apple-shaped body
For all your apple-shaped beauties!
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The trick is to deviate attention from your heavier upper body and mark your legs. Dresses / tops with deep V-neck give an illusion of elongated torso and will flatter your body type.

Best clothes for apple-shaped body

  • A-line or empire cuts that start right under your bust.
  • Flowy tunics and button ups also look great.
  • Add layer to move focus. Kimonos, shrugs, kotijackor, or stored kurtas are good choices.
  • Flared bottoms – palazzos, bell bottoms, boot cut denims will create a balance with your upper body.

how to dress for apple-shaped bosy

Flowy silhouettes, and dresses like cinch at the waist – perfect for apple-shaped body.
Source – second street

Hourglass Body Type


  • Most balanced body type with proportional top and bottom
  • Curly body with almost even bust and hip size.
  • Well defined waist.
hourglass body type
Thanks to Kim K, hourglass body shape is in fashion!
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Celebs with hourglass-shaped body – Kim Kardashian, Eva Longeria, Priyanka Chopra, Yami Gautam

Once you have these curves, flaunt them. Be sure to mark your waist and add the dimension with a dark collar for the extra oomph.

dress according to your body type
Slaying with its style.
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Best clothes for hourglass-shaped body



  • Heavier lower body compared to upper body.
  • Narrow shoulders and wider hips and thighs.
  • The waistline is wider than your shoulder, giving your lower body a fuller appearance.
how to dress on pear-shaped body
Celebrate your curves! And always dress for your body type.
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Celebs with pear-shaped body – Vidya Balan, Beyonce, Shakira, Jenifer Lopez

If you are right, you can look like an hourglass body shape and whistle your curves. The secret is to balance and choose clothes that improve your lower body and mark your narrow shoulders.

Best clothes for pear shaped body

Learn how to design skirts for all body types in this post.

Rectangle body type


  • You are not very curvy, quite well balanced from shoulders to hips
  • Weight is distributed evenly throughout the body.
  • The waist is not small or well defined.
  • Your arms and legs are your assets.
how to dress on rectangle body type
Strongly athletic build, that's what rectangle body type looks like.
Source – she knows

Celebs with rectangular shaped body – Anushka Sharma, Anne Hathway, Jacqueline Fernandez, Cameron Diaz

Because your body does not have many curves, you need to create an illusion. Be sure to focus and maintain the volume either at the bottom or up. Try to balance your athletic upper body by marking your legs.

how to dress according to your body shape
How amazing does she look?
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Best clothes for rectangular body

  • A-line skirts, vertical stripes, ruffle dresses and dark colors are for you.
  • Pay attention to your arms. Experiment with halves of neck, racerbacks, or some strapless and off shoulder.
  • Lager is your best bet. Long jackets, blazers and caps add a lot of drama.
  • Balance an oversized top / hoodie with skinny denim or structured pants.
dress according to your body type
Lager adds the much needed drama to highlight and accentuate your body.
Source – teacher's diva

Rectangular, hourglass-shaped, pear-shaped or apple-shaped, the key is to dress according to your body type and look confident and stunning. It's always our idea that Let's Expresso helps you to see all the surprising things.

These were our proven tips for how to dress according to your body type!

Hope these tips will help you dress up according to your body type, to choose a more flattering outfit and accentuate your beauty!

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