How to fix or replace a forehead and look for it during the winter months

October is just around the corner, so make sure you and your family get hot with these top tips

You may not need a winter coat for a few weeks yet, but autumn is the best time to make sure your central heating system is in top condition ready for the cold days ahead.

Whether you need to fix, service or replace a boiler, or just want to slash your bills, we have all the advice you need.

Can I fix a boiler without calling an engineer?

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Absolutely, but do not try anything beyond these basic controls. Firstly, if you are on a repayment meter, check your credit, turn on any gas appliances to check a flame and see if a fuse has tripped.

Power outages can reset hours, so you may need to reprogram it. Once you have done that, turn the thermostat up to 21 ° C, which may force the boiler to action.

Is my boiler pressure too low or too high?

It's easy to check and refill the boiler pressure – Search British Gas: How to control water pressure on YouTube. Finally, press the booster reset button, to turn it on and off again, it's really the answer!

Is an annual logging service really necessary?


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We think so. An annual service of a Gas Safe Registered Engineer is just common sense. The cost of the boiler usually costs between £ 60 and £ 100. There are ways less than a charge if things should go wrong in an emergency.

The engineer should check the flue gas (inside and outside the house), working pressure and heat effect as well as all seals. They will also make a complete security check and clean parts if needed, plus provide a signed service report.

Our boiler is cut in really cold weather – is it wrong?

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Under-zero weather can cause condensation pipes (found on modern condensation chains) to freeze, which may stop the boiler from functioning. It's a common cold in the winter. Only wipe the tube by pouring some hot (not boiling) water over it.

I have an A-labeled boiler and but the bill is still high. Some tips on cutting it down?

Sources account for up to 60 percent of our annual energy bills, and even if you never have heat above 20 ° C, your invoice may still be high.

Making the hard part and getting a high-performance boiler installed can reduce up to 570 kr per year compared to an older model. but installing a programmable thermostat (from £ 35, and thermostatic radiator valves (TRV, from 5 kr) to each radiator can also snap 150 pounds * from your invoice by letting you control when and where the heat is used. But keep in mind, your home needs to be properly insulated.

Is it worth installing a smart thermostat?

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Flashing new thermostats like Nest and Hive give you more control over your warm-up through smartphone and can track gas usage. The leading brands also promise quite impressive savings. Remember, these are not guaranteed.

The new Bosch EasyControl from Worcester Bosch can help you control and even zone your home (when combined with Bosch Smart Thermostats) via an app on your smartphone or tablet. Expect to pay about 360 kronor for a Bosch EasyControl package with three Bosch Smart Thermostats.

How much does a new boiler cost?

Replacement of a gas-fired boiler can be expected to pay around 2,500 pounds, depending on location, property and installer.

How often do I bleed the radiators?

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Your cooler needs bleeding after a few months of not being used and it is easy to do yourself, provided you can find where you left the radiator's key. Buy one now and put it somewhere safe for when you need it.

* According to the Energy Saving Trust

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