How to get over a broken heart

Love is pretty much the greatest feeling in the world. It's until it ends. And unfortunately, it's around the holiday when there is a nail in relationships that come to an end. So happy whatever!

So what should you do if you find that your person is no longer next to you? You shine in hell. Here's how:

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1) Connect with your girlfriend

      It's time to call your girls, state. "Friendship is the consistency that your relationships are not," says Shasta Nelson, friendship expert and CEO of Between the high and low valleys of the valley: read bois who can not make their ugly minds – your crew is always there. And if someone is known to you since you were in diapers or a newer friend you met through work, these people can help you recover all your feelings about wine and ice cream, which is the perfect first step forward.



      2) get busy

          Even something that is as easy as joining a new club or volunteering in an organization that you feel passionate about is a great way to keep track of things while doing something healthy for yourself. If you exercise, your thing is (or you want it to be!) Join a gym and start winning the ah-mazing endorphins that come from gymnastics, running, cycling or what your pace is.

          3) Accept Hurt

              This section sucks, but it is inevitable for every eruption. Yes, it is will hurt. And suck. And you may feel like going all Beyoncé-esque and want to start kidding crap with your bat. But accepting all these feelings and steps in breaking up is quite normal. It is part of the process of saturating your heart back together.



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              4) Ask for help

                  There is nothing better you can do yourself than to make your mental health a priority. Talking with a certified counselor or therapist can help you to process all this heartbreak that you may not be able to handle yourself. Not sure where to start? Try creating an account on TalkSpace, a great place for you to seek help from your own bed comfort.

                  5) Treat yourself

                      To a free, a mani / pedi, a Netflix binge watchathon if you need something ASAP. Anyway, finding a way to relax is crucial throughout this breakup function. You deserve it, bb!

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                      6) Make a Fuck You Playlist

                      And maybe do it privately. Fill it with songs that make you feel better. Our fave break-up anthems atm? Aris "Thank You Next" and Carly Rae Jepsons, "Party for one" Listen to your playlist when you feel yourself in the falls or see him update a new image on IG. Also: Can we only agree that it is good not to follow your ex, by the way?

                      7) Enjoy being alone

                          Hi, it's great fun! And not as scary as it may seem after finishing an LTR. And no, you do not have to just jump back in the dating app scene. Live your life due to bad dates for a minute.



                          8) Write your ex a note

                              But do not give it to your ex. I mean, if you do not think it will land you in a Lara Jean / Peter Kavinsky sitch, then by all means go for it. But you may find that you print your feelings to be super therapeutic – especially knowing that he will not see it. Write about why you are hurt, confused, afraid, insecure and all other anxiety you are persistent. And if you really want to give him a final gift, please say thank you for him.

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