How to get the soft glam See all the celebrities Love

Following the incredible natural makeup of the Oscar And our latest survey found that you were majorly vibing with a soft glam makeup look, with 75% of you prefer the full glam look. In addition to being a bit lacking in heart (we are cakes faces all the way) we knew we had to reach out to the best in the industry to get you tips on how to make soft glam as an absolute pro.

Queen of soft glam, the mega-talented Pati Dubroff has forgotten everyone from Priyanka Chopra, Margot Robbie, Kate Bosworth and Kerry Washington to Dakota Johnson, Lily Collins and Charlize Theron. This legendary MUA is one of the hardest (and most sought after) in Hollywood and what makes it even more demanding is that her work is not only flawless but obviously achievable – it is the ultimate soft-gloss look. Her glittering lid looks at Chopra at Oscar ?? #GOALS

Natural, stylish skin, berry-lips, eyes disappear in a rainbow of shades; Dubroff's genius knows no limits when it comes to soft glittering A-list views, why we asked her to spill her go-to products into her kit and some of her idiotic eye makeup tips. Think healthy skin and a beautifully discreet eye. After reading this, you understand why we only make soft edges and glitter shadow in gel form from now on.

How to emphasize eyes without going overboard

"When I make a dramatic eye, even one that has a graphic feel, I always keep the edges softly diffused. I think very hard edges can be too hard. I also always like to keep a" living "quality – like a glossy gloss (It can be a clear glow or even glitter) to keep the lid open and get light on the eye. "Pati told us.

How to Wear Glitter IRL

Styling celebs for the red carpet is part of Pati's daily life. she told us "Using a glitter that is suspended in a gel definitely helps to reduce blurred deposition! And because glitter is a bold look, you can make it softer by using a metal shade instead of dissolving glitter."

"For the Chopra Oscar look, I applied Jill Stuart Beauty Iconic Look Eyeshadow (C204), $ 20, along the fold to create depth and let the products stay. I even made some powder shadows easily over this warm brown for more resilience." to keep it smoothly, Pati recommends: "When you make an eye, your lips will definitely keep it that it will be more durable."

Isn't this the ultimate soft glam look?

How to choose the best makeup shades for dark eyes

Soft glam is about looking glam without looking at you, so complementing your eyes and your outfit is super important. Pati says, "Make sure your eye makeup works with your outfit." And if you thought there was no difference between makeup tips for different eye colors, Pati explains why you should be wrong: "I use a lot of gloss and cream shadows on everyone I work with. Especially when the eyes are dark tones it really helps them to pop and avoids the eye area from looking boring – too many flat shadows definitely make for a dull eye. (Although carpet shades and creams are crucial to giving the eye measure!) I think dark colored eyes can have almost any shade, and the skin tone plays Also, a big role. With that said, black and gray can be tricky, so try to add warm bronze tones along the fold to help harmonize the eye with the skin tone.

Pati Dubroff's Makeup Recommendations:

Jill Stuart Beauty Twinkle Glow Multi Stick, $ 27: "The perfect way to add a glimpse of glow to the lids or cheeks of the cheeks. It's also just a big clean sparkling lip tone."

Jill Stuart Beauty Twinkle Glow Multi Stick

Augustine Bader The rich cream, $ 265: "Because my skin requires it! And my skin is bouncy because of it."

Surratt Beauty Perfectionist Concealer Palette

Surratt Beauty Perfectionist Concealer Palette, $ 58: "Excellent coverage and colors in a brilliant palette with two shades and a corresponding powder. It fits into every evening bag!"

Surratt Beauty Perfectionist Concealer Palette

Weleda Skin Food Body Butter, $ 19: "My favorite skin food now for the whole body – so nourishing!"

Weleda Skin Food Body Butter

Chanel Le Volume Revolution the Chanel Mascara, $ 35: "Builds incredible fringes without flaking. It's my # 1 go to mascara."

Chanel Le Volume Revolution the Chanel Mascara

Jill Stuart Beauty Lip Blossom # 44, $ 24: "The ultimate" natural "lip color. Plus the texture is alive, and it feels so good to wear."

Jill Stuart Beauty Lip Blossom # 44

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