How to Help California Wildfire Victims and Firefighters – Donations List

If you do not live near California, it may seem almost impossible to put you in thoughts about news about the many fires that burn quickly through several parts of the state. Movies of Camp Fire in Butte County and Woolsey and Hill Fire in southern California are shocking and scary and it is even more devastating of reports that more than two dozen people have lost their lives and thousands of homes have been destroyed.

A number of credible nonprofit organizations work locally and nationally to support the victims of these fires while brave firefighters work day and night to contain them. Wherever you live, you can help by donating to one of the following charities.

How to help firemen

The Los Angeles Fire Department Foundation "supports LAFD to protect life, property and the environment by providing the necessary equipment, training and public programs to expand city resources," and they actively support firefighters who work to contain Woolsey Fire. You can donate by visiting

The California Fire Foundation provides "emotional and financial support to families of fallen firefighters, firefighters and the communities they protect." Donations are accepted via

Help survivors of the fire find refuge and rebuild

United Way of Greater Los Angeles states that "Apart from the natural disaster, many low income communities and working individuals often affect, which creates long-term needs to restore their lives." Donations made via help to help those in economically vulnerable areas recover.

The Red Cross says that they "have many evacuation centers open where hundreds of people seek refuge, along with centers that accept animals." Donations can be made via, 1-800-REDCROSS, or the text word REDCROSS to 90999.

California Community Foundation's Southern California Wildfire Relief Fund "supports intermediate and long-term recovery efforts for major California fires, as well as emergency preparedness." To donate visit

Donate to help animals affected by fires

Several northern California locations of VCA animal hospitals offer free animal boarding for those affected by Camp Fire. You can help with support VCA Charities via their ideal website

Many celebrities have been affected by these fires and as such have shared information on how to help the victims as well as fires. People who Gerard Butler, Alyssa Milano, and Kim Kardashian have all used their star power on social media in the wake of this natural disaster.

In addition to donating, you can also help to get the word about ways to support those who suffer from Woolsey, Hill and Camp Fire by sharing this story or direct links to trusted nonprofit organizations on your social media.

More about helping those who need:

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