How to keep smooth, harmless hair in winter

via Giphy

Silky, glossy hair is the hottest thing right now but the temperature is really not, which means Maintaining a good mane is a hell much more difficult. Cooler climate, dry air and increased indoor heat can dry our hair, due to the fact that our hair is hygroscopic. Hygroscope-what? This means that our hair matches the moisture content in its environment, so if the air is dry, your hair will be as well. Your hair will actually expel moisture until it matches the environment so it can be dehydrated which makes it more prone to breakage and damage.

But winter does not mean wrinkling, brittle hair; You just need to customize your hair routine to compensate for lack of moisture. Here are our top tips to keep your thirsty hair looking flawless.

1. Pay attention to your hairbrush

Many people underestimate how effective a hairbrush may be on your husband, but we are here to set the record straight – that's important. Depending on your hair type, choose a brush that does not damage the outer shroud: We love a brush that has soft plastic or bear brushes with a padded base, like the cult classic Mason Pearson Brush (check this post to find its $ 20 duper). And always remember to brush your hair from the top and gradually work upwards, as it will create less friction on the hollow shaft. Check out this post to find the correct brush for your hair type.