How to live with eczema

When I was younger I was afraid of make-up calculators. The bright lights over the glass slabs made me feel more vulnerable, the scary product line that promised me to make me more beautiful, I judged the makeup ladies to me.

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Look while other children were worried about acne flare ups, my worries were a bit strange.

My skin fight

I was born with head-to-toe eczema and a condition called cholinergic urticaria, a good scientific term that meant that my body reacted with nasal cones when exposed to perspiration.

My outbreaks of outbursts were incredibly unpredictable and could be triggered by several thermal activities: jogging or gymnastics training was obvious, but also hot showers or showers, overexposure to sunlight and even emotional stress would mean waking up to a rescue, more inflamed face the next morning.

All this did really hard to get into makeup. I was keen to cover my skin with foundation or cream the blush can trap moisture and trigger a sweaty sesh. Sometimes I would feel dissuasive and watch my friends apply cool new products-I would so badly experiment with them.

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My Skin Epiphany

Everything started when I walked through a beauty desk and came over a product advertised as "pH Balancing". To me, the pH was for scientific experiments (my dad is a researcher, I've heard him mention it for a while or two, but did not know what it meant). Then I went home, conducted a small research project and surprisingly discovered a link to my angry state.

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To express it easily, the pH, based on a scale of 0 to 14, describes the acidic alkaline ratio of a substance. The skin's pH is formed when the protective layer (sour shell) secretes fatty acids from the skin's sebaceous glands, which then mix with lactic acid and amino acids from perspiration and determines your individual level.

To function optimally (AKA keeps moisture and lipids in and toxins and bacteria outside), the syramantel should be slightly acidic, anywhere from 4.5 to 5.5, says Gary Goldenberg, MD, a medical and cosmetic dermatologist in New York City. To alkaline (a pH around 10 or higher) and the skin becomes dry and sensitive, which can lead to eczema and a lot of other skin problems.

That was what happened when I was sweating: my skin's acidity level would be thrown, leading to an immediate hive.

Why my skin pH levels was a big part of solving this puzzle

Basically, your skin's pH level is like a crystal ball for your face: it shows and tells what's happening, good or bad. "With eczema, the mantle or barrier is sucked and inflammation occurs, which triggers an inflation," says Dr. Goldenberg. And that's where pH-balanced products come in. They lead the skin's pH to a normal level, repairing the barrier, explains Dr. Goldenberg.

My levels were clear, so I did my mission – along with my derm's help – to find a balance.

My journey to clearer skin

At first, I did some product research (I ran across my derms, did not worry), looking for things like cleaner, which had the term "pH optimized" printed on the label dermatologist pH Balancing Cleaner and La Roche -Posays Cleaning foaming gel does both.

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I also used Lithographs (available at most pharmacies) to test the exact levels in the formulas I used – you dip the strips inside the product to test the color (red = acid and blue = alkaline). If you do not have lice of paper (I mean why would you?), Pay attention to what your skin is trying to tell you: if you notice that your skin change changes, the pH has probably been turned off.

"Over-use ingredients like alpha hydroxy and beta-hydroxy acids, retinol or amino acids can interfere with the skin's balance by thinning the syria and damaging the skin's lipid barrier", according to the dermatologist and RealSelf contributor. Joel Schlessinger. Rule, products that burn your skin are too sour and the ones that dry too much are too alkaline.)

"Even factors like the food you eat and the temperature of the shower water can throw it off," according to Dr. Schlessinger.

In addition to specifically labeled cleansers, I was also prescribed steroid creams from my bowel and began to hydrate my skin with simple moisturizers that did not contain irritating scent. Eucerin Original Healing Rich Creme was my go-to. It was not until I followed this religion for two years, so my skin started to heal completely.

If you ever suffer from a skin disease, you know that everything – triggers and treatment, as well as the outcome of the outcome itself – weighs heavily on your physical and mental health. And the way to solve it is filled with very low (the anxiety that comes with the idea of ​​having short-sleeved shirts) and heights (the incredibly good sense of relief that comes with looking at the red spots disappears – and for me, at last bear foundation undead).

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I have long regretted the beauty because I only saw it as a way to hide my shortcomings. Now I'm working on a new philosophy: It's no shame to use makeup, and it does not have to be afraid if you do not have perfect skin.