How to live with irregular working hours?

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I should have done this post a long time ago, especially living with someone with irregular working hours for almost four years now! Since the new work four years ago, Mr P has worked irregular hours and I feel the pain of having a routine routine first hand. As a husband, even my routine was quite disturbed until a year back when I set foot down.

I had to make the decision not to live according to his irregular working hours but to create my own routine for my health and health. Even now, the routine goes haywire but it is much better than it used to be!

Working in irregular hours crushes the entire clock, right from your sleep to your meals. It can get so bad that you either stop eating or stop sleeping according to your body's requirements.

Well, irregular work schedule or not, it's your job and stress is inevitable, so you have to take care of your own schedule and work around your times to keep you in your best shape mentally and physically.

How to live with irregular working hours?

Create a workspace at home

Many times you tend to work from home because of uneven working hours because it is simple and more convenient. I would say that being in a work environment helps to be more focused, but each for themselves. If you live and work from home, create a workspace for yourself. Do not work from the bed. Get a study table or at least one corner in your living room where you would not be disturbed. In fact, it is said that it is pretty good to wear formal clothes and get ready for the office to get into the working position. This at least helps your body and mind to distinguish between your working and relaxing positions.

Disconnect when your work is over

Rest and relaxation is extremely important when you work irregular hours. Make sure you disconnect the technology completely. I would even suggest avoiding social media, surfing or even television because they provide entertainment but they do not relax you! Make sure you spend time with yourself and your family. If you live alone, try to spend time playing something or running a new hobby or walking instead. Get your priorities right if you want to live a healthy life.

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Make sure you get enough sleep. Disconnect first. Disconnect your laptop, ipad, mobile and even TV. Do not carry any of your screens to your bed. Turn off all curtains and doors to ensure that the room gets minimal light, especially if you sleep during the day. And if you sleep on a stretch it is not possible to get a nap at regular intervals, it is a better idea to update yourself and avoid sleep delay. This is something I would recommend to work moms too so that you do not over stress yourself.

Eat regularly

Another big hit is your meal schedule. Your body refuses any kind of fuel in odd hours or you end up in digestive disorders. Either you don't feel like eating or getting terribly hungry and starting to have craving or gorge on carbohydrates if it's low on energy and sleep. To avoid this, eat regularly, even if they are small meals. Eat protein and carbohydrate foods so you don't get sugar cans. Nutrition bars, healthy snacks, fruit and fruit shakes or juices are all great options for a quick pickup.

There is hardly anything we can do to control our irregular working hours. So it is better to adjust our routines accordingly and work towards being as healthy as possible under the circumstances. So, happy new year, happy job and a very healthy year for you !!