How to make Glam on the go

As you may guess, I'm constantly on the go. I always go between meetings and business trips, while trying to spend as much time as possible with my daughter Nour. And do not make me wrong, I love every second of it and I feel so blessed, but that means I've perfected my glam on the box!

Recently, I also made a full glam sesh 35,000 feet in the air, start with my important skin care routine and end up with my highlighter – I literally went all in! The whole routine took me only 30 minutes and I squeezed in two face masks! Check it out:

My top 3 tips for make-up on my way

1. Find a good brush: Without a good brush, your makeup will never bring your A-game, so invest in a multi-tasking brush that can do anything – from bronzer to highlighter and blush. A medium fluffy brush is a good option because you can shape it in the shape you want. You can also convert it to a fan brush with a bobby pin and use it to select.

2. Find multitasking products: The more time you spend playing and experimenting with make-up, the more you realize that a product actually has so many different uses. Lipstick is a great example, a rose lipstick can be doubled as soft bread as easily as a liquid mat. Sometimes we also use our floating carpet on our covers for a seriously pigmented look. Similarly, a good eye shadow palette has so much potential – if it has the right shades and shimmers, you can use it to contour, brighten or even use it as a highlighter.

3. Beauty mixer: I would literally get lost if I did not have my Basic B sponge. I like to use it to apply my foundation, concealer, contour and baking, as it picks up, packs and mixes the product so easily.

My best 3 tips for skin care on the way

Hydration is all: As I travel or prepping for a big event, my biggest concern is the moisture levels of my skin, because my skin becomes dehydrated, very easy. I love to wear a serum with me because it's super easy but mega hydrates so it will not leave my skin feeling fat. Find out more about our favorite rooms here.

Invest in a sculpture tool: I could not live without my nurse Jamie Uplift Massage Beauty Roller, $ 69 – It's Surprising! You can actually see the difference in hair density. It increases lymphatic drainage so it helps you to clear the skin from any toxins that cause puffiness while sharpening your muscles, which makes your face look more chiseled out. Jade Rolls is another great sculpture tool that I love to use.

Use face masks regularly: I'm obsessed with masks in fifteen minutes, they can give your skin such a beautiful, natural glow. I use quite a lot every day to seal moisture in my skin and undoubtedly I always do one (or two) on the planet because the height seriously dehydrates the skin. Check out my trip or die face masks here.

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