How to make your eyes pop with makeup in five ways

Trying to make your eyes run with makeup can be a challenging task. Not many women can invest their time or patience to achieve a dramatic look. But if you need something that can be done in less than 20 minutes, and that fits all eye shapes, keep reading! Every morning you will see 10 times more rest, you will feel youthful and everyone will ask you "what concealer do you use"? Here's how to make your eyes pop with makeup for every event, and in just five steps!

1. Ombré Eye Look

Ombre eyeshadow look means to make gradual shading and emphasize your eyes with soft transitions. It can be done with any shade color that suits your wishes, or that is appropriate for your event. How to do it? Begin your makeup by making the outer corner shade (preferably a dark brown). Apply the shadow with a round fluffy brush by dragging back and forth swiping movements. When that shade is mixed, move to the middle section and place a lighter brown there. Move to the inner corner where you will gradually place a light beige, nude and in the inner corner – a white shadow. This little makeup trick will extend the eye and give it fullness.

2. White gel in your waterline

If your eyes are not too sensitive, you can experiment a bit and place a gel liner in the water line. You should go for either white, beige or a creamy nude. You can use an eye pencil (kohl pencil) and put it slowly in the water line. You can also use a gel that is super creamy thick and rich in pigments. If you choose this solution, place the pigment with an angled brush by dipping into the product. Make sure your eyes do not dry as it may ruin your results. Also, make sure the color you choose as well as the brand itself is waterproof, dirt resistant and that the color itself is dull.

3. A set of Lash Extensions

Your eyes will look 10 times bigger, rounder and rested when you have tagged extensions. You should book a good spinning esthetician who will place individual lashes on top of your natural ones. The process takes 60-90 minutes to do, and when you are done you will sit with lashes for 2-3 weeks! They can be customized to your wishes. This means that you can ask for long, delicious and pointy lashes. Talk to them about the process and let them decide your ideal solution based on your style and eye shape. In the end, you will love your results and the fact that fringe extensions are low maintenance.

4. Skip the lower Mascara Lash section

Since you have spin extensions on, you don't need any mascara. This rule could also apply to the lower string. Many women cannot apply mascara properly to their lower half. Often they will look funky because of the well-known spider fishing effect. By avoiding all the black shadows under your lashes and just sticking to the white gel in the waterline, you make your eyes round as well as rested.

5. Use a concealer that is 1-2 shades lighter than your skin tone

Bring a lot of ease under your eye by reaching a concealer that is 1-2 shades lighter than your skin tone. Apply the product with either your fingers or your reliable brush. This little makeup trick hides all discoloration, dark circles, wrinkles and will make your makeup pop! When you are done applying both (the concealer and your foundation), put your makeup in place with the right kind of powder. If your skin is dry – use a loose powder. If your skin is oily – use a matte powder. Make sure the powder you use has enlightening properties, it will make your under eye lighter!

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