How to make your hair color longer

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Maintaining (faux) hair color is not an easy task. It's often a little damaged by the hair dye process, not to mention how much styling your strands go over … Ahem, heat damage. Pair this with hard shampoos, temperature changes and chemicals in your water system, and it's easy to see how your beautiful blonde locks look decent in six to eight weeks. So to save you from running back to the salon and closing out (yet again) for maintenance, we talked to one of the best hair colors in London; Tommy Drury, he spilled all the tea on how to help your hair color last longer. Follow these tips and your wallet and your curls will be in much better condition.

1. Find a Good Colorist

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The secret to long-lasting color is a good colorist. As someone who has dyed their hair since they were 16, I have gone through my fair share of mishaps, and when the colorist knows what they are doing, it is a total gamechanger. Tommy explains, "It is your colorist's responsibility to identify factors that will negatively impact your color and create a formula accordingly."

A qualified colorist can judge the health of your hair, and therefore the degree of change your manga can undergo with minimal damage. They also take into account your hair history, your budget and your daily styling routine. For example, if visiting the salon every six weeks is not an option, your colorist can "pull out" the roots for a more natural growth. All of these factors will affect how the color fades, and therefore how your colorist colors your hair.

2. Minimize damage

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Tommy explains, “There are two main types of damage we see, one is chemical damage and the other is mechanical damage (this usually refers to damage caused by heated tools). It is my job to avoid chemical damage to the hair, it goes without saying, but it is my client to control and limit mechanical damage. "Tommy says you have to" always use protection ", adding that" Redken wins for heat protection products, some of the products even have strong retention properties. "We love Redken Iron Shape 11 Heat Protectant Spray, $ 20, the lightweight formula means that the hair looks healthy without the sticky feeling.

Tommy adds “Finally, the better the condition of the hair, the better the color. But in reality, however, it is about finding a compromise – a balance. I can't stop my frizzy clients from taming their hair with heat every day, but I can recommend products and I can work with them to reduce their color maintenance. One of my favorite products that I always recommend to fight frizz is Redken's Frizz Dismiss Range. All the products in the series have a technology that helps to smooth the hair and fight the moisture. They are also sodium chloride and sulfate free, which is good for curly hair. "

3. Wash with your paint in mind

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When you wash your hair so often, it is important to get the technique right. If you find the process quite simple, there are some techniques that can make a big difference. Tommy says: “Hair should be shampooed two to four times a week, but thicker or curler hair can certainly get away with less amount. When shampooing the hair it is important to concentrate the foam and scrub to the scalp, too much wear through the ends makes the color fade faster. The middle lengths and ends will be cleaned as the shampoo is rinsed. “Read this for more hair washing.

Another good addition to your hair routine is to use a water filter, as it helps to balance the pH levels and remove harsh chemicals that would otherwise purify the hair color. The Klean shower filter, $ 72 (there is also a free subscription test), reduces chlorine and metal iron while converting chemicals and pollutants into harmless substances. We have been using it for two months and our hair is so much softer and shinier.

4. Use color saving products

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“Some hair will fade faster than others based on the natural hair structure and there is not much we can do about it. In these cases, I would recommend using a color-saving shampoo (personally, Redken is my favorite for these), even if you are a bold red or if you have just turned your hair from light to dark, "recommends Tommy. Using soft, sulfate-free shampoos Another must-have product for blondes is purple shampoo, as it helps stop all unwanted brassiness. We used Clairol Shimmer Lights Blonde & Silver Shampoo, $ 11 most affordable purple shampoo and it removes all yellow or brass tones effectively.

Tommy adds, "I also encourage my clients to use a high quality finisher (usually Redken or Pureology) at home and save the intensive treatments for their color appointments and sometimes in between."

5. Use tones between meetings

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Tommy says “There is always an option for salon treatments to enhance your color. This can mean short toning services between your usual color appointments (perfect for maintaining bold colors, pastel reflections or those going through corrective work). At home, hair color can be maintained with pigmented conditioners and temporary colors. "Although Tommy admits that" Treatments at home help but most do not have time for it. In addition, salon exclusive (Olaplex part 1 + 2) is significantly better. "

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