How To Remove Individual Eyelashes At Home – The Right Way!

remove individual lashes

Removing individual lashes can be dangerous – someone who has tried will feel the pain of accidentally pulling together on their real lash – ouch! That's why it was the # 3 most googled beauty issue and for good reason. Full bands come in one case, but when it comes to more sensitive individual lashes, you never want to pull off one of your real ones except the faux. Plus, the type of lash glue you use will determine how easily these little guys release. Here are three celeb makeup artist-approved ways to take them off. Here you are.

1st "I like to first remove all eye makeup with a Face Halo, $ 22 or Almay Makeup Remover Ultra Hydrating Cleansing Towelette, $ 5, so I use a separate towel to gently remove the lashes by applying it to my lashes and allowing the glue to That way, they come easy and you don't pull your own lashes with it. "- Kira Nasrat

2. "I apply La Mer The Cleansing Micellar Water, $ 95, to a cotton lace and run over the line to loosen the glue and I always lift from the outside and gently knock the lashes at once." – Tobi Her

3rd "I apply lashes with the Ardell Duo Lash Adhesive, $ 6.50. It's strong enough to keep your lashes in place, but not difficult to remove with eye conflict. When you're ready to take them off, apply eye remover and gently pull If you have a stubborn eye that doesn't want to come out, use an oil-based cleanser or facial oil and it'll do the trick. "- Quinn Murphy.

The lesson? Soak a cotton plate with your weapon (micellar water, eye makeup or cleaning oil) and let it sit in the eye for at least 20 seconds to loosen and dissolve the adhesive. Then carefully remove the eyelashes with your finger. If they are still not easy to remove, then pull in another cotton pad in your solution and allow it to sit on the eye longer before trying again. A voila! You are lash free.

Never forget to clean your lashes after each use – they will be so much longer.

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