I am tired of parents sending their bad children to a nursery school

My son has hand and mouth. For those who still encounter this rather nasty disease, it manifests itself as a rash on – quite obviously – the hand, feet and around the mouth. But also inside the mouth: painful blisters and swelling. My son's immune system has got a bashing and he has not slept because he is in pain so he has also developed impetigo and an eye infection.

It's all pretty gloomy.

If your child has a rash, see our photo guide

It's meant a series of nights with not much sleep – for him and us. My husband has also taken up work to take care of him. He did not touch food for the first two days because it hurt his mouth when he ate so he has a milk diet and nothing else.

This is a stock image representing hand, foot and mouth. If your child has a rash, take them to see a healthcare professional.

Because it's all very contagious. He can not be around other children so he sticks at home or nearby, without any comrades for the company. His sister has taken to wash his hands and hide his water cup to avoid sharing bacteria. We have washed all towels and linens every day to avoid contamination.

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The weekend we had planned with my parents, which my husband is working out every weekend at the moment, has been interrupted. My nephew lives with them and we do not want to pass on the disease to him, so it will be a quiet weekend at home for us. Again.

This is a stock image representing hand, foot and mouth. If your child has a rash, take them to see a healthcare professional.

There are usually two schools on thoughts about children and illness: 1. They need to build an immunity so that they are exposed to all diseases. And 2. The sick should not be spread. When a child is ill, it means that they feel terrible, parents can not work and life is paused. So do not take your child to a nursery if they have an infectious disease.

I'm the other group. Colds are different; They are sharp and inevitable, too – they tend not to be very serious. But with regard to stomach bones, infectious skin diseases, handfos and mouth flu, there are a lot of reasons to keep your child at home …

1. Your child needs rest. If you send them to nursery school, their recovery will take longer. It is also a little meaningful: who wants to be sent out when they feel crazy?

2. It's not just you who need to work. We are all. So you send your child to the nursery so you can go to work, but then my child takes it and I (or my husband) must take free time.

3. Pediatricians learn diseases too. It is not fair for them, or the other children when it means that they will have to make a recovery.

I understand some diseases take a while on the surface so that a child can carry it without the parents realizing that they have an infectious disease. But I also hear parents saying: My child was sick all night but seems perfectly good now, so I send him to the nursery.

Do not do it! Think of your children. Think of the other kids. Think of the staff. Think of the other parents. Think beyond your own need for a child-free day – to work, or do whatever you do. Just spend a thought for others because it's really junk to see your child twist in pain and know that it could have been avoided if someone else had just kept his child from the nursery for a few days.

Limitation of Liability: This is a blogger's post about his own experience. If you are worried about your baby or child and they have rashes, take them to see a healthcare professional.

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