I wake up happy: How meditation changed my life

I woke up worried. Afraid I would lose something. What I don't know. I was afraid that I didn't have enough and that I wasn't enough.

Now I wake up with so much peace !!! 🙌

Meditation has really transformed my life. I first noticed this in my self-talk. At first it was negative and totally hard.

Today, my inner dialogue has changed …

She, the voice is so loving, kind and always reminds me carefully that I do a good job. I appreciate it! It took a long time to come here but I'm here! And this is my new normal 🙌🏾

My meditation journey began by practicing attention that can be considered a type or part of your meditation practice, but since then my meditation journey has taken many forms. There has been a meditative development.

My therapist then referred to this workbook: A Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Workbook

Mindfulness helped me identify the root of my anxiety. I started asking myself questions, why do you feel that way, is that true, is that really what that person said? I could also identify my triggers and why I was triggered. I could in many situations give way to my emotions and my anxiety in advance so I could be more present in the moment.

For example, if I knew I had an important meeting, I would take the time to describe the things I wanted to address and set aside time to complete decompression before the upcoming meeting.

By practicing awareness, I became more aware of my habits and patterns. In most cases, our anxiety is recurring thought patterns that invoke a fight or flight response.

I used meditation to acknowledge these thoughts and not fight them. The more you try to shoot them down, the more they are still running.

There is a misconception about meditation that you have to quiet your mind. You will drive yourself crazy and worry more by trying to clear your mind.

I once heard someone say that trying to clear your mind is the equivalent of expecting your heart to stop beating command.

It is impossible!

The mind has to think. You can read more about this in Stress Less, Complement More: Meditation for Extra Performance.

Meditation can be used to recognize these thoughts and teach your mind to get new ones.

I've been using meditation as a tool to deal with my anxiety for about three years now.

When I first started integrating meditation, I had 2-3 panic attacks per night. It was nightly panic attacks that would wake me up from sleep. Not only did I have to give way to my anxiety, but I had to teach my body to calm myself down. This required me to incorporate physical activity to spread the troubled energy or to transfer the energy to a more positive form.

I have learned to surrender to my meditation experience. It's free to be as it needs to be in every session. Sometimes I need a walking meditation. There are times when simply thinking or writing what I am grateful for leads me to meditation.

Other times I can't even begin my meditation until I journal. But then there are other times where I can sit straight down in apple sauce with an open heart and a quiet mind.

I started with guided meditations on the Calm app. Then I graduated to open-minded mediations where there is a clock of either 2 or 5 minutes as mindfulness reminders.

Meditation is truly a life-changing transcendent practice. I've learned to use it as more of a tool to train or completely reprogram my brain and body by using visualization, positive affirmations and binaural rhythm.

The biggest difference, I've seen, is that it used to take me an hour or two each morning to wind myself down.

Now I wake up happy!

It is easier to set my intentions and expectations on the day easily and with positivity.

I'm definitely more present with more of a mental bandwidth. I'm definitely less emotionally reactive. I am first an observer of my being.

Have you tried meditation? What are some differences you have noticed?

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