Influencer @Mewsha was allegedly rejected from the Louvre Museum in Paris because of her "revealing" attire

pictureInstagram @ mewsha

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Australian influenza Newsha Syeh takes Instagram Stories to protest on alleged abuse at the Louvre Museum in Paris. According to Newsha, a security guard at the museum turned her away because her outfit (pictured below) was for disclosure.

"At the Louvre, I stopped at the entrance of a guard for my outfit," she wrote in a recent Insta Story, which Daily mail obtained.

"He made the most upset and horrible gestures and facial expressions, swore on me to cover up, with hated eyes filled, I ended up coming in," she continued. "I was heartbreaked, because I thought the Louvre was implementing this archaic rule [sic]. It does not turn out. "

She claims that the Louvre has no special dress code, and she screenshotted a Google search to prove her score. The first Google result was a blog that featured tips for going to the museum that explicitly stated the lack of clothing code.

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On Louvre's website, however, there is a visitor regulation PDF that explains which visitors are not allowed to wear – namely swimsuits and they must not be naked, bare or barefoot. Although her body equipment is technically dressed, can it be categorized as swimsuit-adjacent, depending on who you ask? Idk. It definitely seems like a gray area.

However, it would be a great bummer to go all the way to France and * do not * see Mona Lisa. Fortunately, it seems she made it to Musée d 'Orsay instead.

And a thank you cafe.

I know, I suppose!

Cosmopolitan has reached the Louvre for comments.

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