Infusing baby food for weight loss. Unbelievable results after one year

The results of a year after the baby food for weight loss are incredible

In order to lose weight, girls can be said to be endless. Recently, a 22-year-old girl from London, London, Louisa Eagle shared her novel weight loss method, which is to eat 10 bottles of baby food every day. She claims that because of this method, she succeeded in losing weight and staying slim.

Iger is a vegetarian and is about 167 cm tall. She gained 63.5 kilograms a year ago and was determined to lose weight and start eating baby food. She replaces one to two meals a day with baby food, and only eats 80 to 100 calories per meal. The result was amazing. She succeeded in subtracting the fat and kept her weight at around 54 kg.

After a year of unfortunate results for baby food

Iger said that he not only succeeded in losing weight, but also stayed slim.

Recently, Eagle began to promote its unique diet, she said that baby food is not only delicious, nutritious, but also contains very little sugar and salt. The most important thing is that baby food does not need to be cooked. You can pour a bottle into the mouth for easy carrying. You don’t need to take a full amount of instructions like a diet meal. It is understood that this method is very popular with Hollywood actresses.

However, some nutritionists warn that baby foods do not provide the nutrients for normal food supply. Long-term consumption will prevent the cheekbones and teeth from exercising enough to affect the chewing function.