Instagram leaves me alone as a mother

I'm pretty sure Instagram recently made me feel more bad than good.

The whole essence of social media may feel good, as a little insight into other lives that are not my own. I follow, on the whole, other mothers and, in general, I used to love peering through the keyhole of others' experiences of motherhood.

But then I begin to wish life was mine, question why they are not and that's when I feel crazy – feeling insufficient, wondering why I was not invited, why I was not asked, wondering why the person did not comment on my post. I start wishing that I had everything she has.

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I feel that I have the best day at work, I'm doing well, and then I log on to Instagram and roll in through posts by people who do it much better. Now you can say that this should stimulate me, inspire me to make me better – but it only makes me feel demotivated. And if I could only beat the time I spend and use it for reading, I might actually start on the pile of books through my bed.

The humble bragging, I'm also guilty of it. And I'm fully aware that people just put their best face forward, but you can not filter a new book agreement, a radio show, a great job. I continue to shout to myself, "BACK TO YOUR LANE", focus on your own race, your own trip, but every time I open the Instagram app, I compare myself instantly. I simply can just remove the app, but I use it to promote my book and writing – I say, but it's really like a scab, I can not help but choose, even though I know I should not.

What used to give me comfort makes me anxious now and I think I will not fall in love with Instagram. And I think it may fall in love with me too.

Anyway, try, as I may, try out for clique. Just like I did at school. I like to use & # 39; Mom & # 39; as an identifier, like being a personality, is part of the problem. Because it's about as much of a personality trait as being "a woman" is.

We are all very different.

Force all of us to pretend we all buzz from each other based on the fact that we are mom never went to work for everyone. I see the same people who support the same people with apparently no angle for newcomers and it feels like a girls club, I just can not get in. I always feel that I peering in from the outside. And it makes me feel alone.

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