Is this Eyeliner Stencil the Secret to Perfect Winged Liner?

Getting the perfect wing-shaped lining can be a mission, which is why we are always open to exploring new options that make the process easier! We have tried everything from stamps and stencils to tape, so when we saw the new QuikKat Liner Strips, we had to try them! Here is everything you need to know:

What it is: QuickKat Eyeliner Strips, $ 17, comes with 64 stencils (half for left eye and half for right eye) and Quik Kat eyeliner pen. The flexible eyeliner stencil is designed to fit the contours of the face and can be easily adjusted so you can easily change it to get the angle that best flatters your eyes.

How it works: Easily remove the extra layers of the stencil until you are left with your stencil, place it at the angle you want, then fill in the wing with the supplied liner or your fave eyeliner pen.

What we liked: Using the stencil was very quick and easy, and filling the wing literally took us just 10 seconds, you just have to be careful that the ink does not go under the stencil. The QuikKat lining that comes with the stencils is really black, but we found that the ink was born a little, so you might prefer to use your favy pencil eyeliner instead. Also, once you've done the wing, you have to complete the rest of the liner, so it took us so long to make our line with the stencil as it would normally be without the sticker.

What we didn't like: You need to keep the stencil firmly so that the ink does not flow underneath, but that means it pulls the lid a little while removing it and can also remove the best layer on your makeup. So we do not recommend that you use glitter or shimmers before you make your line, as you may accidentally remove it.

The verdict: If you already nail your line, we don't think this will make your line faster or easier. But if you're always struggling with lines, these are definitely the best linear bars we've used, even though we still think the Quick Flick Eyeliner stamp is a much faster and easier way to get the perfect wing if you're new to the line.