Is your hair still dry? Is it always dry? Answer these 4 questions

You tried all things but your hair is still dry !!!

If you have ever experienced dry and brittle hair, you are not alone.

This is what you should ask yourself.

Do you use the right products?

I understand that the right products can be subjective … But in this case you ask that you use water-based moisturizing products.

Water is the best moisturizer, so it goes without saying that using water-based products is the best way to re-hydrate your natural hair.

If your hair is dry or has a high porosity, do yourself a favor by keeping away from water-insoluble products, such waxes, silicones, thick oils and lubricants. These things sit on top of the hair and make it very difficult for any particular water to enter.

If your products are not water based, you must use a clarifying shampoo to completely remove product build-up and residue.

Here are some clarify shampoos which I highly recommend for natural hair.

Clarifying shampoos for natural hair

Is it time for a protein treatment?

You should incorporate a protein treatment into your natural hair regimen at least once a month. Hair consists of mostly protein.

As you naturally lose a small percentage of protein when washing your hair, it is important to replenish to add strength back to your hair.

Protein treatments work by filling in the gaps found on your hair strand and forming a bond.

Lack of protein can lead to crimes, so be sure to keep track of the monthly protein treatments.

Here are some protein deep conditioner or treatments which I highly recommend for natural hair.

Protein deep treatments or deep condiments for natural hair

When is the last time you had a trim?

When your hair gets longer, your ends experience wear. This results in dry and unshakable ends. The only solution is to remove the dead ends with a trim.

You will want to heat stretch your hair with a dryer and cut 1/4 to 1/2 cm above the split ends to completely remove the damage.

This also ensures a smooth trim.

Here another signs that it is time to have a trim.

Is my hair damaged?

There are a number of things that can damage your hair. It can be the sun's rays, the winter's wind or self-administered over-treatment. just too much heat from your favorite blower / flat iron.

Whatever the case, your hair may be dry, brittle and damaged.

It can take your hair weeks or even months to recover, but it is possible.

First, cease and abstain from the damaging behavior.

Subsequent follow-up with a good trim and deep condition regularly with both a protein and moisturizing deep balm to repair weak and broken hair.

If you like to make your own here is a list of 5 DIY Deep Conditioners.

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