It's my 34th birthday but that's not why I'm celebrating

It is my birthday!!! I am 34 !!!

No, it's not one of the big ones, but it's really for me.

And I'm sure you know why!

I have been very transparent …

But recently, more vulnerable. And I'm not going to stop now.

If I were to summarize my life to this point, I would call this chapter the 4 Ds.

Death, Diagnosis, Depression and Divorce.

Y & # 39; s all! I'm tired! I have not had a break …

My life started falling apart after moving our family at 4 to Atlanta from Las Vegas!

My grandfather died.

I was sad and kind of depression because of my husband's infidelity.

Then he was turned off or dismissed (I'm not quite sure to be honest). What I know is that he was out of work for a year! I supported my household with my blog.

KinderBae, my oldest son was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder at Marcus Autism Center.

Finally, a moment to breathe, I thought but NOPE!

My best friend and companion in 9 years, Coco was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. I had no choice but to put my dog ​​down.

With the help of advice, I made the difficult decision to start separating and arbitration.

Sure, I'm sad that my marriage in almost 15 years ended but not about relaxation.

I'm happy!

Elated too! No sorrys or condolences are needed

Still a lot, right?

Today is a party!

We celebrate my 34th birthday !!!

Each of the life-changing events could easily have taken off the bill. I'm still in awe that I'm here and in my right mind! I proudly share my life as a testament to my new strength.

You never know resistance until you leave it!

God's grace abound! I'm really not perfect, but God found mercy on me. I do not celebrate because I am worthy of praise, but because God is in me!

I beg you to celebrate with me in all these victories !!!

Because this is a party, I have a gift for you !!!

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