J-Beauty: All Japanese beauty trends I saw in Tokyo

About six months ago, I told our staff to get lost, and I meant it. attract editors jetted off – to Dublin, Dubai, San Antonio, Rio de Janeiro, and all the way to Tokyo – to produce this, our first ever Problems outside the office, dedicated to travel and beauty around the world.

We are a culture that loves travel and new experiences. And the world is getting smaller. This question was born out of the mind that technology shrinks the distance between us. The mysteries of the French pharmacy have been unlocked for a global audience. A teenager in Wisconsin can watch a live Instagram Story if a new snail essence slides through Seoul. And because the nature of the work becomes less tied to a physical place and turns to the cloud, it becomes more often possible to beat the road.

Still, we still only see a part of the picture unless we continue to explore and experience things for ourselves. I have learned so much about the beauty of travel, if it is the distinctive biennial affair in Portugal, take a quick road trip to Rhode Island for a long spa weekend at Gurney's Newport Resort & Marina, or spend two big weekends watching makeup trends in Japan – the documentation that you will see in the pictures below.

Vibrant beauty scenes bloom all over the world – just look at the new natural skin care brands launched in Africa and Halal makeup startup in the Middle East. Plus, the beauty stars we know and love have become global superstars. Hairstyles, makeup artists, dermatologists and even cosmetic dentists (like Michael Apa, profiled on this issue) fly to opposite sides of the world to teach championship classes and provide services to clients on other continents. (I saw this first hand in Tokyo this summer when I saw Patrick Take a makeup champion class to an avid Japanese audience.)

We all stand to learn so much about each other, and about beauty, when we leave our own spaces. So continue, rack up the frequent flyers. Upload the hybrid. Go see the world. It's a beautiful place.