Julia Roberts Dyes Hair Rose Gold

Some celebrities remember when we think of experimental hair color. There are Cardi B and her rainbow wigs, Kylie Jenner and … the same, and Bella Thornes penchant for hair glitter. But when it comes to color out there, Julia Roberts is not really a name that will keep in mind. At least until now, as the actress just debuted, gold hair rose at Instagram.

You're reading it right: Julia Roberts has embraced a thousand-year-old pink.

Both Roberts and hairdresser Serge Normant uploaded videos for "faux boom Friday," our new favorite game where Roberts fakes a Boomerang-style haircut. But the most shocking part is not Roberts actor (for once she breaks her character and starts laughing my flip). It is her fishtail braid, which has been lightly tinted a trendy pink shade. The color has a restraint effect, the blonde begins in her roots and becomes slower pink throughout her hairy hair. It is light enough to show the blonde base, but there is also no wrong pink tone. Speaks like someone who passed Avril Lavigne style purple last year, everyone must have a unicorn moment at least once in their lives. Julia Roberts, welcome to the club and do not forget to collect your Olaplex.

Lastly, Roberts rocked a more conventional head of cool blonde highlights. But the new color – maybe or not permanent – works seriously for her and her matching blazer. It is worth noting that the new nuance May just be a little way to draw your eyes on Roberts Instagram, reminding her fans that her new show Home-coming premieres November 2 on Amazon.

But we are here to take the bet. Especially if her character is so down to experiment with color as Roberts is.

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