K-Pop Group Astro shares its unforeseen glass shine secrets

The purpose of glass skins can be fun, painful and completely confusing. Some people turn on worms every day of the week; Others undergo laser treatments. And if you're a member of the Korean boy group Astro, you'll turn your face into contact solution or vinegar.

During the interview Astro backstage at K-Expo recently, Moonbin points to Rocky and says that he uses contact solution on the skin. "What?" I ask the translator, convinced that it was an error communication. But it was not. The chemically spiked water your contacts float in for remediation is the secret to the 19-year-old dancer's clear skin. Of all unexpected skin care techniques and products that people have recommended during my time as beauty reporters, the contact solution has Never ever come up. This is the first time Cha Eun Woo ever heard of it as well.

Despite Astro's leader JinJin compares Rocky to Mother Nature because "he hates to stay and always tries to change", the contact solution is a consistent part of Rocky's skin care system. The reason is that he is a "mom's boy". (Moonbin's words, not mine.)

Astro / Facebook

Growing up was Rocky's mother, his beauty advisor, gave him products and advice. Now that he is an idol of pressure to have perfect skin, Rocky still keeps her mother's guidance in mind. "I'm just doing what my mom told me to do," says Rocky. "So when my mom does not look, I'm always passionate about a comprehensive skin care routine."

On a number of three from Moonbin, everyone points to Rocky as a member with the most comprehensive skin care routine, including the man himself. He does not break down every step of his regime but describes the most important instead: tones. Foam cleansers make the skin of Rocky feel tightly so he poures tones on a cotton pad and wipes it on the face to balance his skin. Now, this sounds reasonable. Due to the high pH value, some foam cleaners have the ability to remove skin moisture. If you follow it up with a toner of approximately 5.5, which is approximately the same level as the skin, it helps the skin to maintain moisture and return it to balance.

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Another member of Astro who takes his skin care system very seriously is Sanha. He also contains an odd ingredient in his cleansing steps. Rocky reveals Sanha using vinegar. After daring Rocky's call, Moonbin explains that Sanha combines vinegar with water and ishes his face with it.

A few others have also tried Sanha's glass skins secretly. (Rocky did mention that despite Sanha being the youngest in the group, he has the highest authority.) "We heard that it's really good for your skin," said JinJin. Nobody knows for sure what the reason for washing the face with diluted vinegar is or where the tip first came from, but it is only human knowledge, according to JinJin.

I am not so sure that I will also follow Sanhas vinegar-faced water pipeline anytime soon. After interviewing Astro, I felt the need to ask a dermatologist what she thought about the group's interesting cleaning routines. Visas, neither contact solvents nor vinegar contain suitable skin cleansing ingredients, says New York City-based dermatologist Shari Marchbein. In fact, she called both a horrible idea because they can cause irritation and redness.

Sanha also acknowledges that he has not seen a change in the skin because he began to wash his face with vinegar. "That's the same," adds Moonbin.

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Moonbin, on the other hand, focuses on a product that has proven to be beneficial to the skin: lotion, which is a thinner version of moisturizer. "I think it's the most important thing that's moisturizing," he says. "I do not really care much [about my skin-care routine], but I always Use lotion. "He is also special about the lip color. He prefers to apply it just in the middle of his lips." (Rocky and Sanha like to swipe everywhere over their lips.) Since the 2016 debut, Moonbin has noted that the color of your lips can portray your first impression of one person. "When your lip color is pale, it appears that you are ill and do not have energy," he explains. "If you have a red lip, give you a more positive and healthy atmosphere. "