Kanye West Just Arrived After Drake On Twitter- Kanye West Addresses Claimed Clearance Demand for Dragon's Say What's Real

Sit down and take place because Kanye West is back and goes to Drake again, and it's even more dramatic than before.

Really excluded this afternoon, Kanye released a screenshot of a text he received about Drake who wants to use OK a selection of Dragon's song "Say What's Real." The song was produced by Kanye, which explains why Drake would need "clearance" to use it. The text said, "Drake sent the clearance request for" Say What's Real. " "Do you want to clear?"

Because this is a sweep we're talking about, Kanye said pretty much, "I think F not!" and went on a 17-second rant of their history. He started to tag Drake a fake and wrote: "This shows that it's crazy than wrestling." Yuk. Of course it's getting worse!

Kanye demanded that Drake apologizes for his Yeezy shoes being scrapped and compromising the Kardashian-West children's extremely high standard of living. Some background: You talk about how Drake raped, "Yes, keep it, G, I told her" Do not take 350s around me "in the song" No Stylist. " "For the record, Kanye said he did not" I do not accept traces or "tough numbers".

BTW released the Drake the Yeezy line after he accused Kanye of telling Pusha T about his secret love, which Pusha T revealed to the world. Kanye has denied that he told Pusha T about Baby Adonis, and he stuck to her side of the story again tonight.

Kanye also drew up how Drake allegedly bought the first two lines of seats at a Pusha T Toronto concert to start the match that ended later that evening.

Overall, Kanye really wanted Drake to apologize to him for everything and to stop writing Kris Jenner to check on his family, which is a fair request if you really hate someone!

When Kanye had finally stopped venting, Drake apparently took everything on his Insta Stories. In short, Drake is currently rolling on the floor and laughing.



Kanye then updated everyone and said that Drake called, which, yes, we know. Kanye tweeted, "mission accomplished", but he added that the song is still not ready.

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