Karen Wazen Launches ByKARENWAZEN – AMDMode

One of our favorite female fashion manufacturers, who was part of our Movember campaign that we shared last month, launched her eyewear collection.

Karen, who came to fame through his social media, boasted over 800.00 followers is known for his modern, elegant style and balances life as a wife and mother with her own creative career, Karen has developed the collection as a direct reflection of her own style, fashion philosophy and personal taste.

, Shares Karen "I created this collection in terms of what I personally would love to wear, but also what I would love to see every woman wearing, to reflect the different aspects of her personality and mood. The collection contains some styles that are smaller and more brave and others that have a more general appeal. What I want more than anything is that women understand that these styles are for everyone, you just have to dare to wear them! It's so important to me that women understand styles like this not just for "super cool" or "super fashionable" girls; these are for everyone. They are a safe accessory that gives out your own power and sense of style. "

The collection consists of five styles, from a classic cat silhouette to reflective, futuristic styles and nostalgic 90's. The styles come in a variety of colors, from pronouncement neon to classic turtle, allowing endless self-expression.

Bringed to life in a fashionable film to celebrate the release, Karen Wazen's glasses reflect the multidimensional nature of the collective society. With styles to reflect every mood and occasion, Karen created each piece to act as a staircase for any outfit.

Available now, the collection will be sold via Karen's own e-commerce platform (www.karenwazen.com), with international shipping that allows people from all over the world to join Karen in a whole new way.