KAYALI – For every layer of you

I have died to share with you, our new perfume collection, KAYALI, for which we have worked forever! Scent is such a personal experience I never knew where to start before my sister Mona showed me her technique of applying different fragrances. As soon as I tried, I only knew we had to share it with the world. The concept is like nothing you've ever seen before, and it allows you to create your own truly unique scent identity by adding different scents. Finally, we can reveal our scent collection: KAYALI – it means "my imagination" in Arabic, which we thought completely caught what this scent collection is about. I can not wait for you to play with it!


Perfume has always been very important to us; The scent of fragrance is very close to our Middle East heritage, and odor is undoubtedly the most rewarding of all the senses. When we created this collection we wanted to do something completely different that allows you to explore your creative side so that you can express your personality, your mood and every layer of you! That's why we created four scents that work in harmony and let you cook and build your own unique scent to embody what you want to feel that day.

We worked with the ultimate smells, the famous French perfumery house Firmenich, to provide the best ingredients from all over the world. The result is a crazy symphony of smells, tantalizing textures and luxurious oils that are combined are both powerful and sensual, yet sensitive. Meet the first four scents in our KAYALI collection:




This is our ultra-addictive scent that we created to be layered and combined with three variants. ELIXIR | 11 opened with sweet notes of red apple and rose petal essence, before revealing a floral heart of Rose Centifolia and uplifting touches of Jasmine Sambac from India. Adding deep to the romantic scent, warm wooden notes from Indonesian Patchouli and fluffy amber are framed by accents of vanilla and leave a long-lasting track. It's intoxicating! I love it myself, but it also stores beautifully with VANILLA | 28 and MUSK | 12th



I have always loved the soft, sexy scent of vanilla and VANILLA | 28, champion a harmony between creamy jasmine and rich Madagascan Vanilla Orchid, which draws the soft softness of Brazilian Tonka. Beautifully balanced Oriental notes of Musk, Amber, Patchouli and Brown Sugar make up the excellent wood base of this incredibly enticing scent. This is also Monas fave fragrance.



Playful, feminine and tantalizing, CITRUS | 08 recovers citrus costume expectations: Sparkling citrus notes of Italian Bergamot and Pink Grapefruit mix with rhubarb, blackberry and pink pepper, while the flower words of Rose Centifolia and Damascena from Bulgaria are in the heart. A prolonged veil of Musk, Tonka and Mystical Oakmoss is founded on the hypnotic scent of nature.

MUSK | 12


Provocative and exciting, MUSK | 12 begins with magnificent tones of Lotus Flower, Freesia and Sheer Jasmine. Laced with delicious Muskus, the scent shines a candle on one of the world's most mysterious ingredients. A mixture of vanilla and creamy sandalwood gives this wonderful scent an enchanting soul. This is super mysterious and sexy!

We honestly put all our hearts into this project, and we can not wait for you to smell these smells, experiment and discover your own unique scent.

KAYALI Collection | 01 will be available from 16 Novemberth. Get started!