Keep Baby Healthy During Cold, Flu & RSV Season

Because the seasons and weather begin to change, the flu and the RSV season are right around the corner. Keep your baby safe and healthy from the spread of bacteria by following these tips:

Wash your hands!

This simple tip can not be overridden. Make it a habit to wash your hands the first thing you do when you get home every day, wherever you go. Get your child into habit with regular hand washing, especially because children love to put their hands in their mouths.

Use hand detergent in a pinch

If you are out and about hand washing is not an option, keep the hand-held device handy to ward off bacteria. Wipe the handles with towels in the store and anything else for handling.

Avoid unhealthy people

If someone you know has been ill or in contact with the sick, wait a while before taking the child around them again. There is an incubation period for diseases, which means that even before they show symptoms, people are infectious, so even those who are sick but not sick should themselves stay for a few days to ensure they do not carry that disease.

Set limits

Along these lines, it's ok to let your family and social circle know that you appreciate those guided by your baby and at home when they are sick or are sick. Since my daughter was born in December, I made a Facebook post that let my friends and family know that we would limit visitors during the winter to prevent her from getting ill, especially because an unpleasant flu virus went around school that year. Do not worry to insult someone – a sick baby is not worth protecting someone's feelings.

Get the flu

Talk to your doctor about getting flu, even when you are pregnant. Since children under 6 months of age can not get the flu but have a serious risk of flu complications, it is important to protect your child by protecting yourself.

Keep your home clean

Ensure that high risk areas for bacterial growth continue to be disinfected. Cooking and cooking areas, eating surfaces, door knobs and handles, light switches, toilet handles and handles are all areas of high traffic that should be disinfected regularly. Your phone and computer should also be disinfected often because of their high frequency of being moved.

It is much easier to be proactive and prevent disease than it is to treat and care for a sick baby, so take a day every day to fight bacteria and enjoy a healthy holiday period with your bundle of joy.