Kendall Jenner receives 5 years of returning orders against alleged stalker



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Kendall Jenner was granted only a five-year detention order against her alleged stalker, according to E! News.

Last month, the police arrested a man named John Ford for intrusion into Jenner's property. At that time, she called out different media to give Ford tools to compromise her property by revealing her address.

She quotes-tweeted a message from TMZ about the event, writes "and how do you think these scary people know where my house is?" Cuz, you do not just release photos without my place. It's beyond uncertainty. Unsubscribe to the integrity we can get? ?? …. "

When Ford was arrested last month, the deposit was set at $ 20,000. He was reported released later that night, but was arrested a few days later and the bail was fixed at 30,000 dollars. He was also arrested for intrusion into Jenner's property in July.

E! News received the paperwork Jenner filed against Ford, and she claimed that he had committed her property four times in the past three months.

"As a result of Mr Ford's repeated stalking, I have suffered, and continues to suffer, emotional distress," says Jenner.

This is not the first time Jenner has treated a stalker. She went to court to testify against Jenner went to court to testify in another stalking case against Shavaughn McKenzie in 2016.

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