Kenzo Spring Summer 2020 – AMDMode

For our ultimate collection for KENZO, the spring of summer 2020 collection, we found the foundation of our founder Kenzo Takada, and more specifically, to Japan's surrounding ocean, where groups of strong, restrained and modern superheroes judge daily to retrieve treasures at the bottom of the ocean. Ama is a group of Japanese female free divers who, for over 2000 years, have dived to the seabed for feed to shellfish such as shrimp, egg brushes or even pearls for their communities. They train from their beginning as teenagers, learned from their predecessors who can dive into the 70s. Because of breathing training, Ama can stay underwater for significant amounts of time at once. Over time, their numbers have decreased, and these precarious fisherwomen can now only be found sporadically in pockets along the Japanese coasts. Understand hard and sometimes freezing temperatures, they have become known as the last seagulls.

Our collections are a painting of elements that combine traditional marine-related garments with modern and technical diving equipment. For women, neoprene that fits in orange, violet and black is adjacent to crushed, wet suits and dresses. Skirts in mermaid jacquard linen adorned with pearl buttons while nylon tops in vibrant colors of corals have sleeves rolled up to the shoulder. Transparent fit complements the printers of shrimp, mermaids and sea lilies. High waist trousers have a collection of embroideries reminiscent of treasures collected during diving. Woven ikater on either dresses, women's tops or as panels on shirts and trousers for men. Tailor-made in liquid viscose, sun-bleached denim and ikat print also increases both collections. For men's clothing, hard rubberized outerwear is shown in orange and violet, while Hajian shirts are redundant with print of sea lilies or urchins. Sun-glazed cotton sweaters in indigo or dark gray go sideways tailor-made jackets with shawl collar and rough edges. Jackets and coats in summer bedding have sail collars and shorts are made of high-frequency lazer-cut nylons. Suits are cropped and boxy and classic & # 39; K & # 39; shirts have color panels blocked in purple and orange. Net prints are shown in degraded pigments on printed cotton.

In our Fall-Winter 2019 collection for KENZO, we introduced a new bag, "The Tali". We visit Tali for spring summer 2020, update it within themes for the new collection and we introduce a new smaller version, The Mini Tali. Leather of viper worm resembles fish scales. Degrees recalls the nearby light seen from the bottom of the seabed. Webbags and bumbags reflect the belt bags that Ama uses to collect his rewards. Sunglasses are high performance and have sun-protected lenses to protect. For women, traditional Japanese Okobo sandals in sea lilies together with scuba socks sandals and a new unisex sneaker style, the Cuba-inspired K-Wave for men and women.