Kevin Clifton provides update on strict routine after Stacey Dooley injury

A strictly arrived dancing contestant recently sent fans to panic after revealing that she suffered from a painful injury.

Stacey Dooley, who is a partner with Strictly fave Kevin Clifton, took on his Instagram on Tuesday to share a picture of herself in a hospital bed – after a while she had broken her arm with a picture of a casting.

But Stacey later revealed to her fans that she had not broken a leg.

She then assured them comes Be on Strictly dance floor on Saturday, where she will perform a street and commercial routine to Alicia Keys Empire State of Mind (Part II).

And now her partner Kevin has acknowledged that the couple must hit her hard repetition after losing two days to her injury.

On his Twitter, he wrote: "After losing 2 days of injury, we have done 8 to 10:00 today! All respect in the world to @ SceceyDooley. So grateful to have you as my partner. # Work ethics.

Then, when a fan asked if the routine had to be adjusted to take into account Stacey's injury, Kevin acknowledged "About 11 times". Oh dear!

Stacey's agent recently revealed that the documentary producer has actually torn an intercostal muscle behind a rib, meaning she could not dance for a few days.

Talk to The sun, they said as saying: "It's very painful. She's strapped up and the doctor has said she should be able to move in a few days.

31-year-old Stacey left viewer panicked at the beginning of the week after suggesting that she had actually broken a leg.

She put up a picture of a woman with her arm in a casting, next to the text "😮Current sitch😩🤕🤦🏼♀️😅".

The fans remained concerned with the cryptic post, with one wondering if Stacey could still dance this weekend. They asked, 'Oh no, can you dance? "

Another worried viewer also said, 'What happened and I hope you can still be strict, while a third follower commented, 'What????!!!!! Never !!!! & # 39;

More of Stacey's 310,000 followers were desperate for a statement after the vague post. One of her fans said, "What have you done ??!"

So, although it seems that this week has been difficult for Stacey, the resilient star seems ready to go to Saturday's exhibitions!

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