Khalid Shafar and Art Veneziana

Khalid Shafar has partnered with leading Italian engraving and mirroring workshop Arte Veneziana, to launch her latest interior design under the title "FORMA" during the Dubai Design Week. A tribute to the Emirate culture, FORMA is anchored in the tradition of wearing Agaals, the woven ropes used to secure the main deck worn by the Emirati men. By deconstructing the agals, they were removed from their original modern function and serve as building materials for the collection, Khalid Shafar investigates the interplay between ancient tulips and Italian decor while engaging in a cultural dialogue that honors local traditions, decorative arts and national identities . The use of Agaals over interiors is unique to Khalid Shafar and a signature material of the KHALID SHAFAR brand.

Showma 14 pieces, FORMA offers a range of interior products ranging from monumental mirrors and shades to chandeliers, floor lamps, table lamps and wall lamps. All pieces have been created with Agaals together with glass, mirrored surfaces or natural stone, and have been specially engraved by Arte Veneziana, the leading Italian engraving and the mirror works at the studio over 40 years, specializing in handmade techniques, engraving and decorative elements on mirrored surfaces, glass and natural elements. The collection is a tribute to the Emirate culture, as opposed to the Venetian craft. It is not only visually stunning but also offers a bold social statement about respect for different cultures and fusion of creative techniques, leading to innovative forms of artistic expression.

The FORMA collection will be featured at the newly featured Arte Veneziana Archiade Atelier at the Dubai Design District (d3)