Kick Counting: a guide

When you are 28 weeks pregnant, or sometimes earlier if you have a high-risk pregnancy, your doctor may want you to start counting your baby's kick. Saving counts is exactly what it sounds like: count the number of kicks you feel from your child.

To start, select the same time of day to count and make sure you are in a comfortable position and not distracted. Every time you feel movement from your child, count it as a kick. Exceptions to this rule are hiccups because there are involuntary movements. Watch the clock or use a stopwatch and see how long it takes for you to count 10 kicks. If it takes longer than two hours, tell your doctor. Many women will choose to kick off after eating a meal because that is when your baby is likely to be most active. It is important to know what kind of things will trigger activity in your child and what their normal activity levels are.

When should I start counting kicks?

In 28 weeks, or earlier, if you are at high risk of pregnancy, your doctor will start recommending counting your baby's kick.

Why is a high bill recommended?

Counting kicks is important because a change in movement in the third trimester is often the earliest sign of distress in a child. Daily monitoring allows you to detect a change in your child's movements.

Every pregnancy and baby is different. Counting your child's kick every day is important so that you know what is normal for your child. For example, if you normally count 10 movements within 30 minutes and then notice that it takes two hours to register 10 movements which is a change in your child's movement pattern and you should mention this to your doctor.

What can cause changes in the child's activity?

Each child responds differently to stimuli, such as food or drink. If you exercise, your child may become more active during this time, while other children prefer to enjoy the ride. If you feel that you did not feel your child moving for a while, it may be because you have been too distracted. Sit down in a comfortable position and drink orange juice or some ice water to stimulate your child and do a quick high counting session. Many mothers feel that their children become more active after meals. During the third trimester, your child will develop more consistent sleep / wake cycles that you may begin to notice.

When is it advisable to call my doctor?

Contact your doctor to see if they have more specific recommendations based on you and your pregnancy, but if you have not known 10 kicks in two hours, contact your provider. If you ever feel that something is wrong or have questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact your doctor.