Kim Kardashian calls Ray J "Pathological Liar" for Sex Makeup Comments

We all know that a person who is still wounding their ex million years after they broke up. And if you happen to know Ray J personally, it's the only person you know. But he does not take a single turn in Kim Kardashian West, to which he was romanticly linked in 2006, privately among friends. Instead, he publicly blames public details about his long-lasting sex life in a dubious way of marketing his latest project at the same time and trying to pamper her.

The sun reports that Ray J last week went to the microphone at an event in London to tell everyone that Kardashian West would apply mid-sex makeup. "Kim and I had fun times – marathon sessions. But she did not like being sweaty and would stop doing the makeup if she did," which means that the makeup obviously always been important to Kardashian West, who has been interested in a hugely popular company, KKW Beauty.

"She liked to look deep under six, the right lighting and mood," says Ray J of Kardashian West's alleged vanity. He also claimed that she had a Louis Vuitton luggage full of sex toys, which – OK, it's amazing and nothing to be embarrassed about. And frankly, you do not want to see how far you want to see under gender.

Michael Tran Archive / Getty Images

Not that there is any company that has designer sex toys or who likes a touch-up during sweaty marathon sessions, but also Kardashian West would not be able to help tweet a guffaw in response to Ray J's blabbing.

"RayJ constantly reveals all these intimate details about @KimKardashian shows that he is suffering from low self esteem," wrote one of many Twitter users who took exception to the singer's slashed publicity poem. Kardashian West took a moment to write a rare answer saying that she thinks it is something other than low self-esteem who drives her comments: "Or show he's a pathologist?" Do you actually believe this story? It's too funny for me! "

We really hope she finds humor in it. At least she laughs all the way to the bank over the alleged priority of makeup.

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