Kitch x Justine: Hair Accessories Line With Hairstylist Justine Marjan

Scrolling through hairstyle Justine Marjan's Instagram feed is like taking a master class in the hair accessories art. From leather-cuffed ponies to rhinestone-encrusted pins and braided scarves that look like any hair version of Cat's Cradle, she knows how to make it even the most boring blowout in something gorgeously unexpected. That's why it's sensible that Marjan – who works with stars like Ashley Graham, Olivia Culpo and Khloé Kardashian – has collaborated with Kitsch to create their own collection of accessories.

The initial collection – which marks Marjan's first depression in design of accessories – is called "Too Glam to Give a Damn", and besides that it is probably the best product name all the time, the statement is overwhelmingly true. Her "glam" wears jewelry is far from the plastic cups we favored in the middle school: We speak crystal-crippled hairpins and emblazoned with words like "Glam", "Damn" and "Drippin". But the best part? None of them are over $ 49.

"We all want $ 500 Gucci hairpin, but it's not realistically affordable to most youngsters," she says. "Kitsch and I worked overtime to create stand-out designs that are easy to use regardless of your skill, with a simple glam factor that translates track inspiration to the real world."

The pins are the kind of pieces that can raise someone's simple horse tail in a party look (bonus: they are super easy to use) and can be worn, good, anywhere. "What I love about hair accessories and this collection with Kitsch is the ability to dress up or down," says Marjan. "You can wear one of the pins with jeans and a t-shirt or mix and match for a party party or event. It's perfect for those who do not feel super comfortable to steer their own hair or have a loss of what to do with their hair . "

Whether your hair is long, naturally curly or chopped in an earring pixie, Marjan insists that someone can use her line of accessories to update her look. "For natural hair types, I love the idea of ​​using Kitsch x Justine Classic & Rhinestone Bobby Pins to stick the hair around the ears on one or both sides for an asymmetrical surface or use one or two of the front pins on both sides to hold down a chic 90-inspired middle part, "she says." Short hair types can cross the bobby pins in the back, create a stack across one side, or use only one of Kitsch x Justine's Word & # 39; Rhinestone Bobby pins for a fun and simple look. "

With the holiday just around the corner – and Kitsch x Justine launches online today – now feels like the perfect time to try out the hair accessories trends for yourself. Below, Marjan shares her favorite way of wearing the collection.

Holiday Topknot

"A clean, big bun on the top of the head looks super glam, especially when it's a little bling," says Marjan. Begin by collecting hair from the ears to the crown of the head and brushing up half the ponytail. Sprinkle the roots with Tresemmé Compressed Extend Hairspray Brush upwards with a leveling brush. When the roots are smooth, collect the hair and secure it with a Kitsch No-Snag Elastic. Repeat this process on your remaining hair and add it to the original horse tail with another elastic. Lift the horse tail and backbrush the tail with a brush for fullness, turn the hair into a big bull and secure with both bobby and U-shaped pins. For a super-polished finish, spray a toothbrush with hairspray and brush your hair up and back. Finally, decide if you want to accessorize the front or back of the look, then use Kitsch x Justine Marjan statement bobby pins to create your own pattern.