Know facial parts and master makeup skills

know the face, master makeup skills

In makeup, we call the four main parts of the face: eyebrows, eyes, nose And lips. Below we introduce the names of the various parts of the face, you can use the self-touch method to see your face while watching the picture.

Brows and eyes

know part of the face, master makeup skills

eyebrows consists of three parts: 1– Brow, 2-brow, 3-meifeng, 4-brows.

Eye is divided into seven sections: 5-Upper lash line, 6-Inner corner, 7 —Lower lash line, 8—lower eyelids, 9—outer corners, 10—upper eyelids, 11—eye socket.

Nose and lips

know part of the face, master makeup skills

nose is divided into four parts: 12>—nasal root, 13—nose bridge, 14—nose wing, 15—nose head.

Lip is also divided into four sections: 16—mouth corner, 17—upper lip, 18—Lower lip, 19—lip peak.