Kylie Jenner accused of plastic surgery at Naked Kylie Skin Instagram

  • Kylie Jenner just wrote another seductive photo to promote her new Kylie Skin products.
  • Followers responded to the picture by accusing Kylie of getting plastic surgery.

    Okay, remember yesterday when Kylie Jenner posted this seductive video on Instagram and marketed her new Kylie Skin products? Well, Kylie just wrote another almost naked photo from the same shot today, where she has nothing but a transparent chain tape game. It's all very relaxed!

    Kylie captioned the image "Summer Body 🦋" and the post is clearly meant to promote her new line. However, the comments were less about Kylie's new coconut body lotion and more was speculated on how Kylie got that booth / says she is all plastic surgery. On Instagram, followers submitted comments like:

    • a body you did not work for tho 💀
    • More like surgery body not summer body whe [sic] Everyone knows you were a shiny white girl now you have wide hips
    • Only the scar on the leg is genuine
    • how much did your summer body cost it?
    • Yass shows what you gave you 😩😩😍😍
    • Do not stay in the sun too much your silicone will explode 😂

      And Kylie, who is the knowledgeable, quasi-self-made billionaire business she is, published the image on her social media. However, it also met the same reaction from followers on Twitter, which meant that they accused Kylie of getting her "Summer Body" via surgery (but this time they used the memes!):

      FWIW, back in February Kylie admitted to getting fillers on her face, but she has not said anything about plastic surgery on the rest of the body. That being said, it's obviously 100% okay and her choice if she got some work done – that's her body and she can do whatever she wants with it.

      Now, let's just relax and wait for the internet to freak out when the new Kylie Skin products come out, shall we?