Kylie Jenner Drops Peach Extended and Burgundy Extended Palettes

UPDATE (31 October 2018): We have palettes, people. Kylie Cosmetics' Peach Extended Palette and Burgundy Extended Palette are both available at for $ 45 each. The palettes offer dozens of shades, in their name "color scheme. But that's not all – Kylie also released new Matt Lip kit, $ 29 each. There are three new shades: Kylie, Queen and 2014. Kylie and Queen are her classic pond -rosa nude shades and 2014 are a fun teal color (would prob go well with sis Kim's Mario X KKW Beauty Eye Palette as well).

How they look like this:

__The Burgundy Extended Palette: __

Kylie Cosmetics

__The Peach Extended Palette: __

Kylie Cosmetics

Matte Lip Kit in Kylie

Kylie Cosmetics

Matt lipstick in queen

Kylie Cosmetics

Matte Lip Kit in 2014

Kylie Cosmetics

Everything fell on the 26th this month, and you can find them on now.

This entry originally appeared on September 26, 2018:

Kylie Cosmetics Kylie Jenner x The Jordyn Woods collection is still warm from the beauty ovens, but it has not stopped our favorite young millionaire from retrieving even more new products.

In his latest Instagram story, Jenner shows the packaging for two new eye shadow palettes: Peach Extended and Burgundy Extended. The palettes look like they will be 12 squeezed powder shakes thrown around their respective shades. She has already launched a bronze-elongated palette – so take it as a cue, Peaches and Burgundy Extended versions will also sell for $ 45.

The "expanded" part of the equation comes from the fact that Jenner already sells peach and burgundy palettes. She has the 12-shadow Royal Peach palette, which contains complementary resilient hues from light to royal blue. She also sells a nine-pan Burgundy Palette, with food and metallic versions of Burgundy together with teas and oranges. But as a fan explained in the section Trendmood Instagram comments, the existing palettes are no reason not to buy the new ones for any Kylie complete. "It's" expanded "so there will be different colors. Do not stop you from enjoying what you have now. I love my peach!" they wrote.

Kylie Jenner / Instagram
Kylie Jenner / Instagram

Kylie Cosmetics is already known for its flashy turnaround time, but fans in Trendmood's comments section can not just comment on the big volume: "Every time I'm blinking, there's a new Kylie product coming out," wrote one. She has not even sent my Kylie x Jordyn palette yet, I ordered it on the launch day! said another one. Still, if there are Kylie fans who are dead enough to get lipstick tattoos, we have a sense of beauty lovers will be inclined to buy these new palettes even if they are already smoked in Royal Peach.

Burgundy Extended and Peach Extended Palettes, according to Jennys Instagram Story, will launch October 25 at

So many palettes, so little time:

Here is Jaclyn Hill and trying nine things: