Kylie Jenner post and delete a video of Jaclyn Hills lipstick

  • Kylie Jenner just wrote and removed an Instagram Story about Jaclyn Hills lipstick, the same as the fans were really upset about earlier this week.
  • In the video she said she couldn't wait to try new shades.

    Kylie Jenner just good, sorta, went into the middle of some beauty drama, and it's a lot of yikes situation.

    Remember earlier this week when fans of Jaclyn Hill went to social media to point out some problems with her new lipstick line? They share pictures where it looked like the lipsticks had hair and black dots in them. Kylie apparently lacked the memo because she just wrote this Instagram Story about the collection.

    With justice, Kylie * has a lot * going, so it seems natural that she would miss a headline or two. Someone must have pointed it out to her because she removed the Instagram Story almost immediately.

    Back to the lipsticks in question (and why Kylie might have removed that IGS so fast), fans who received them earlier this week sent pictures where they looked … not good. They described lipsticks that fall apart, have hair in them, etc.

    Jaclyn took on YouTube, apparently upset, to clarify things. She said the fibers that people saw were actually from white gloves, and the black bubbles were oxygen.

    "My lipsticks are not moldy, they are not dangerous, they are not polluted, they are not insecure for you in any way, shape or form. Every single ingredient in my lipstick is new and it is FDA-approved, she says in the video.

    FWIW, she said she plans to give all the refunds for the wrong lipsticks, and the whole situation has been "very embarrassing".