Kylie Jenner released a Todd Krage lipstick for KUWTK fans

TRUE Keep up with the Kardashians Pause will know that the show has a breakout star: Todd Kraines. All the way back in KUWTK Season 8, Scott Disick took prank call Kris Jenner, using one of the strangest voices we have ever heard in the process. Jenner immediately knew that the conversation was a hoax, but the damage was done: The little words "Aunt Kris, that's me! Todd Kraines!" continued to enter the pop culture house of fame, not to mention stuck in the head of someone who happened to see the fateful episode.

We had thought Todd Kraines disappeared KUWTK cannon, but Kylie Jenner raised him for – what more – a new lipstick. Jenner previewed the new nuance of Instagram and shouted out her mom in the process. Best of all, the bargain falls on Kris Jner's birthday. What better way to celebrate his momager matriarch than to call out an iconic move?

Kylie announced the launch of Instagram with the caption: "AUNTIE KRIS, I am! Introducing TODD KRAINES. A little surprise to celebrate Kris Jner's birthday … our new special edition lip, Todd Kraines, releases on November 5th." The lipstick contains Kylie Cosmetics & Kris x Kylie packaging, complete with a cute cartoon by Kris and her autograph written just over Kylie's logo. A subdued peach nude, the lip kit contains a Todd Kraine velvet lipstick and a matching pink nude lipstick.

Kylie Cosmetics fans are already falling for each new launch, but this is an easter egg for followers who have loved KUWTK since the beginning. Of course, fans on Twitter love the feeling of joke:

The lip kit was released on November 5th and from now on it is still available at Happy Birthday Kris!

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