Kylie Jenner Teaser High Gloss for November

Long long ago – as a couple of years – it was a time when the name Kylie Jenner was practically synonymous with lips. And while she's still turning out the shine-free nuances of Kylie Cosmetics (a new Lip Kits trio just announced last week), she has expanded her (and her fans) horizons by introducing a number of lip glosses since the launch of the brand blockbuster makeup. And now, a brand new gloss line, called High Gloss, will be introduced in just over a week.

Jenner took her personal and Kylie Cosmetics Instagram stories to retard High Gloss, a never-before-seen lip product that seems to come in seven shades. Under five clips, Jenner shared a "#SneakPeek" of launch, says in all-caps, "CAN NOT WAIT MY HIGH GLOSS LAUNCH !!!!!!" The first video shows her flawless hand-made hand that opens a box with all seven tubes, followed by a boomerang of the box, a shot of seven individual boxes and a pair of pictures of the individual boxes posed next to the larger box. From what I can collect, it means you will be able to buy the shades individually or as a set of all seven.

Although Jenner does not yet describe the names or descriptions of the nuances – she promises a color reveals coming soon – it seems that all seven shades are at least a little shimmering. It's what seems to be a super blue or clear shade, a mauve, a stylish color, a medium brown, a richer brown, a golden champagne and a coppery bronze.

Kylie Jenner / Instagram
Kylie Jenner / Instagram

Lip glosser has become one of the most popular types of products in the Kylie Cosmetics repertoire. Jenner has launched glossy as part of her birthday, holiday and latest Halloween collections, with shiny finish ranging from opaque to reflective metallic. In the case of high gloss, the shape of the tube looks most like the High Shine Gloss introduced in the Kylie x Jordan collection. However, if the packaging – with Jenner's lips dimmed in glitter – is any indication, they can be as sparkling as Super Glitter Gloss, currently sold in all colors, but Glitz.

We will keep an eye on color information in the next few days, but in the meantime put a reminder on Friday, November 9th. It looks like it's the day High Gloss meets

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