Ladies Rolex Review – Why Women Love to Wear Men's Rolex Watches

The Rolex catalog largely focuses on the men's styles. However, there is a significant market for women's clocks with Lady-Datejust, which many avid collectors will assert, is among the brand's most successful models. The first Lady-Datejust came to the market in the mid-1950s with the ladies Oyster Perpetual, Ladies Yacht Master, Cocktail and Pearlmaster shortly after. Despite a relatively versatile collection of watches designed specifically for the woman's wrist, there is an ever-growing trend among women for men's Rolex watches. Now more than ever, models such as Day-Date, Datejust, Oyster Date, and even sports watches like Submariner model the bracelet by lady collectors.

Here's what we found according to one of the leading Rolex dealers, Bob's Watches.

The influence of Rolex Coronet

The Rolex Crown logo has tremendous power in the luxury market. Its only presence at a time instantly gives a premium over other brands, an achievement that the brand can attribute to decades of marketing ability and a reputation for producing impeccable watches. With brands such as Louis Vuitton, Tiffany and Burberry, they now dominate the market, it is no surprise that women strive to make a Rolex watch on their wrists.

Rolex President Day-Date and Oyster Perpetual Datejust

Modern watch model has become a growing trend among women for larger watches, which only burns the desire among women for men's watches. Among the models most often seen on women's wrists is the president's day date and date adjustment.

Day-Date itself has a huge presence on the wrist and offers either a 36mm or more recently, a 40mm measure. The day is always made of precious metals that contain either yellow gold, white gold, pink gold or platinum. In addition, the bag is topped with either a smooth or sharply serrated coat and bears primarily on a three-link prescription bracelet with a hidden Crownclasp, which offers a style that is level with fine jewelry. Rolex's newest metal alternative Everose – their patented term for pink gold – is perfect on the trend of the ladies model, further enhancing its popularity among women.

Men's Oyster Perpetual Datejust is one of the most versatile watches in the brand's catalog, offering various metal options, including stainless steel, two-tone, yellow gold, white gold, pink gold or platinum. The bag is available in either 36 mm or 41 mm measurement and can be worn on either an anniversary or oyster bracelet. Depending on what you prefer, the steering wheel can either have a sophisticated aesthetics via simple stick timepieces and sweeping central hands or a more sumptuous feel through diamond hour markers. The choice of feature segment is apparently endless, making it easy to find the perfect Datejust that suits your style as well as your wrist size.

Most women can easily carry a Day-Date or Datejust comfortably in any of the aforementioned cases. But many women choose to wear men's clothing loosely, resembling a bracelet, which creates a bold, fashion-forward statement.

Mid-size watches

No article on women who wear men's rolexes is complete without an honorable mention of the brand's collection of space clocks. Originally developed for foreign markets and smaller bracelet sizes, these watches offer a slightly smaller casing diameter of either 31mm, 34mm or 37mm, depending on the model. These options, which include watches such as Datejust, Date and Yacht Master, offer a modest hold on the wrist without sacrificing the classic style of the men's model, providing an excellent alternative for women who do not want a larger watch like a 36mm or 41mm Datejust.

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