Lady Gaga's Colorist Patti Song shares Platinum Hair Care Tips

While Lady Gaga has dabbled with different hair colors during her career, it cannot be denied that platinum blonde has always been her signature shadow. She experimented with a temporary periwinkle-blue shade for the Golden Globes earlier this month, but at the SAG Awards last Sunday it was back to the blonde for Mother Monster. And yet, thanks to her long-lasting colorist, Patti Song managed to keep her hair healthy despite how often she exposes it to whitening and warming styling. In a new interview with Refinery29, Song shared her secrets to maintain Gaga's strings, as well as how she gets the perfect shade of platinum.

When Song met Gaga in 2009, the singer saw a ton of shortage of hair's front, so her first order was to get it healthy again. "[I told her] "We will whiten your hair every three weeks, grow out into a bob, and then you will start wearing a wig," she explained. "To fix her crime, we sent about ten lonely extensions to one-inch broken pieces, but the rest was all her hair," she added. Song noted that wearing wigs is an excellent option for people in the public eye who put their hair through a lot and could use a break.

Song also revealed how she gets Gaga's beautiful, icy-white hair color. "I use what you call" virgin bleach " [which means] instead of illuminating or painting a little bit with a little bit, you cover the hair in bleach, "she explained. This is basic color knowledge, but the best way to avoid banding or uneven color begins to bleach at the ends and works you up to the roots, "she added. The reason for this, Song said, is because the closer you put bleach to the scalp, The faster the process will be due to the heat radiating from the scalp.

In terms of maintenance, Song explained that you never want to wait more than five weeks between touch-ups, as it can cause your hair not to lift the color properly, resulting in roots that develop at two different speeds and the above-mentioned band-like appearance. It's actually exactly what happened to attract contributor Elizabeth Denton, and she was about to start from the beginning.

Another platinum tip from Song: Do not immediately rinse your purple shampoo, as it will only clean your hair instead of toning it. "The trick is to squeeze purple [product] right on her hair and let it sit, "she said. She also strongly recommends going to a licensed professional who has lots of experience taking people with different hair colors to platinum." You can go platinum with or without consultation, but if you are going to talk to a colorist in advance, don't worry about going through it if you don't come equipped with the right questions, "she said. She suggested always asks how many times the color has taken someone to platinum at once, and if it was successful.

When it comes to how you can tell about your platinum job where Song successfully said that everything comes down to the tone, which should be borderline. "You know your bleach has been done properly, even when the toner drops, if the shade doesn't get warmer between meetings," she explained. "The blonde should only grow lighter when you learn how my blonde looks, you can see it," she added. What it should never be is beige, shady, uneven or stylish. She also noted that it would never take more than a couple of hours – not four or five – in the salon. "You can lift brunette hair at once. Period. That's it. It takes a maximum of 55 minutes."