Lapco's Pearl Brightening Metallic Sheet Mask – Editorial Review

To feel is to feel (and reluctantly accept) my worship for arkmaskar. I take those serial treatments with me everywhere. Hell, I probably have one at the bottom of my backpack right now. There is no shame in my sheet masking game; I'll wear those damn masks almost everywhere – on a crowded flight, for a night in, and even in the midst of scrubbing my bathroom floor. (True story.)

But after years of masking, I have come to the conclusion that my favorite time to hit a sheet mask is the night after a dermatologist's meeting. You see, usually when I visit my derm office, it's for more than just a routine skin check. I tend to sneak in some non-invasive treatments, as recently I requested a laser treatment with the Clear & Brilliant laser to help fade dark spots and post-acne scarring on my cheeks. But even with non-invasive procedures, there is still finishing of redness and dryness, which is where the sheet mask comes in.

Walk into Lapcos Pearl Brightening Metallic Sheet Mask, a super-saturated (like, really really wet) sheet mask that is made with pearly extract to lighten dull skin and help reduce the appearance of dark spots. It is also formulated with a cocktail of hydrators, including glycerin, coconut and pioneer roots, to nourish plants – especially when they have recently been rewarmed with a laser. (Hey I.)

Anyway, the night I bore the Lapco's mask, I was especially pink with a chance of peeling. I was not uncomfortable in itself, but my face was definitely hot, and I knew a cool paint mask would do the trick. I developed the goopy mask (that is very goop-y, by the way) and gently put it on my face. Almost immediately felt my face … better. Of course, did not change my current post-laser situation, but it was definitely a refreshing distraction.

Even 20 minutes later, when I took off the mask, my skin was still a bit rinsed, but that did feeling colder. What about the dark spots? Still here. But that's not to say the mask did not help. After laser, my skin goes through some things, but I love to treat it now and then with a new, new sheetmask.

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