Lindsay Lohan is drawn to criticize Zendaya's Metala Gala Look

It has been a few days since Zendaya wowed the world with his Cinderella-inspired ensemble at Met Gala, yet it still has people everywhere talking – Lindsay Lohan, of all people. Unfortunately, LiLo does not seem to be on the same page as anyone who loved the magic look, and in typical form it is not afraid to say so.

The Lindsay Lohans Beach Club the star went to social media to share her feelings about the sartorial moment, and she did not hold back. On an Instagram photo published by @disneylifestylers, showing a side by side shot of Zendaya and the iconic Disney princess, Lohan left a snarky comment on how Clare Danes "already showed" with Zac Posen in 2016 for Manus x Machina: Fashion in the age of technological event. She also included a melodramatic crying emoji, because why not?

Then believe it or not, things became even more shady. Lohan commented again, writes, "I don't know why anyone thinks they can be more chic." Oh, and to make things even worse, she also tagged Clare Danes.

Of course, the Danes did not respond to Lohan's message, and Zendaya has not yet commented on the shadowy situation and probably not. Both stars slayed The Cinderella look, but more importantly, it is not a competition. It's about having fun with fashion and self-expression. Hopefully, Lohan will realize what lies along the line.

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