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We had the opportunity to sit with Andreas Skorski, an entrepreneur with a background in technology and digital initiatives, which recently launched the list.

The idea of ‚Äč‚ÄčLISTEN and for digitally connected resellers and customers came to Andreas when he perceived that many of his favorite brands and products were either not available in the Middle East or only at selected prices and secondly, most of the international luxury stores during his travels could not establish their own e-commerce and reach customers globally because of the complex requirements for technology, logistics fulfillment and marketing. LISTEN, launched its new mobile app that integrates integrated product and content globally purchased as well as providing a personal luxury shopping experience that is scientifically selected.

Tell us about the corporate culture on The List.

Two pizzas feed one layer. Our culture is driven by autonomy, agility, speed and innovation where everyone can influence the product with their ideas, test them quickly and let data speak for the results.

Who are your favorite designers

In general, I go for products, not by designer names, because I find interesting pieces in almost every collection.

Do you need to clean your wardrobe every season, considering that you are building an online shopping destination?

No, not really. Because I work with fashion all day, my personal style is actually quite timeless and relaxed.

What did you study at college?


Have people tried to talk you out of the List idea in view of the competition?

Yes much, but you will always find that kind of people when you try to do something new and different.

What other fights did you have when you decided to start?

Although we grow strong, we face small struggles and challenges on a daily basis. But this is what I love and what is necessary to grow and further develop the business.

Tell us about your concept with consumers, do you try to adapt to the consumer's needs, or do you want the consumer to adapt to the list?

We are very customer-centered; This is one of our corporate key values. Therefore, we listen a lot to consumers and adapt to their needs, even at an individual market level.

What countries are you looking at right now? And how important is the Middle East for you?

Currently, the Middle East is our key market since we have begun here, but we are planning to expand to Eastern Europe quite soon and our long-term major goal is Asia. Our business model is generally very smooth and scalable, we can currently deliver to 190 countries.

Tell us about the launch of the mobile app.

Our vision is to create LIST as a luxury mobile phone. The new generation of shoppers, the leading growth driver of luxury e-commerce, engages and buys on their phones. Especially in the Middle East, the region with the highest mobile penetration in the world and where millennials and generation Z make up more than 50% of the population, we strongly believe in the mobile's game-changing capabilities. We want to deliver the right product to the right people at the right moment on a mobile screen and combine the broad product choice in a marketplace with a curated experience through intelligent technology.

What's next with the list?

Next is a lot, we are only on day 1 of our incredible journey and – in addition to market expansion – have many interesting new features that come up for our customers.